Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off Itself?

What’s the problem with my phone shutting off on its own? – Android users are generally satisfied with their smartphones, although they do occasionally express dissatisfaction with the speed at which their devices transition between apps. For a little moment after you turn your phone back on, it works normally.

The issue is that phones are shutting down. In addition to delaying work, interruptions can also put your patience to the test if you are in the middle of something that requires your full attention.

In various forums, Android users are frequently looking for answers to this issue. For those of you who are stumped as to why my phone keeps shutting off, here are some suggestions.

My phone keeps shutting down on its own. What gives?

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Part 1: Possible causes of a phone shutting down on its own.

When you ask, “Why should I keep my phone off?” we understand. As a result, we’ve listed four potential sources of glitches to help you better understand the issue.

It is possible that the phone will switch off frequently if a download process is stopped and not completed, leading the phone to act erratically and switch off frequently.

Then there are some apps that don’t work with Android. It is possible for the phone to be unexpectedly shut down when using this app. When you install apps from untrusted sources that are not compatible with Android, you are more likely to encounter this issue.

If your phone’s battery is low or too old, it may be turned off and not work properly anymore.

In addition, make sure that your phone is protected with a case. When the cover is too tight, the power button is repeatedly pressed, resulting in the phone being turned off.

Now that we’ve studied the problem, it’s easy to go on to the answer.

Part 2: Check the battery status on Android.

If your phone randomly shuts down while you’re using it or even refuses to start when you click the power button, we suspect a battery issue. Fortunately for Android users, there is a test that can be conducted on the phone to verify the battery’s operation and health. Because few users are aware of them, we’ve developed a list of what you should do the next time you wonder why my phone keeps shutting down.

To begin, open your Android phone’s dialer.

Now dial * # * # 4636 # * # * in the same manner as you would any other phone number and wait for the “Battery Info” screen to appear.

Note: Sometimes the above code might not always work. In these instances, dial * # * # INFO # * # *. Following that, the following screen will appear.

If the battery appears to be in good condition, as seen in the screenshot above, and everything else appears to be okay, this indicates that your battery is in good condition and does not require replacement. You are now ready to go to the next stage, which is treating your device.

Part 3: Minimize the issue with random shutdowns in Safe Mode.

Beginning with your Safe Mode phone is an excellent technique to determine whether or not the issue is caused by some hefty and incompatible Apps, as Safe Mode only permits for the operation of built-in apps. If your phone is capable of being used in Safe Mode, consider removing any superfluous apps that may be taxing the phone’s processing.

  • To boot into Safe Mode:

To view the following screen options, press and hold the power button.

Now, for around 10 seconds, tap on “Power Off” and then click “OK” in the message that will appear, as seen below.

Once complete, the phone will reboot and the main screen will display “Safe Mode.”

That is all. To be sure, booting in Safe Mode is simple and also assists you in identifying the true cause of the problem.

Part 4: Create a backup of your data and conduct a factory reset

Note: You must create a backup of all of your data before doing a factory reset on your smartphone, as all media, content, data, and other items, including your device settings, are deleted.

dr.fone toolkit- Android Backup & Restore data is an excellent solution to backup all of your important data and prevent it from being lost in the event of a phone reset. It works excellently since it automatically backs up all data and enables users to retrieve it completely or infrequently.

With a single click, you may backup and restore all the files on your Android device to your PC. Try this software for free prior to purchasing it to gain a better understanding of how it works. It makes no changes to your data and simply asks you to complete the easy steps outlined below to backup your Android data:

fone toolkit – Android Backup & Restore Data Backup and restore data to Android in a flexible manner
With a single click, backup Android data to your computer.

  • On every Android device, you may preview and restore backups.
  • Supports more than 8000 Android-based devices.
  • There will be no data loss during backup, export, or restoration.
  • To begin, download and install the dr.fone Toolbox Data Android Backup & Restore software on your personal computer.

Once the main software screen with numerous options appears in front of you, choose the “Data Backup & Restore” option.

Connect the Android phone to the PC and turn on USB debugging. Then, click “Backup” and wait for the following screen to appear.

Select the files that you wish to backup now. These are files that your Android device recognizes. Once selected, click “Backup.”

That’s all; you’ve successfully backed up your data.

Now, you can perform a factory reset on your phone:

  • Simply navigate to “Settings” on your Android device by clicking on the settings icon, as illustrated below.
  • And then choose “Backup and Reset.”
  • Once selected, tap “factory data reset” followed by “reset device,” as illustrated below.

Finally, as seen below, hit on “Erase everything” to factory reset your device.

Note: Once the factory reset process is complete, your device will restart automatically and you will need to re-set it. Once your Android device has been factory reset, you can restore the backup data using the dr.fone tools.

Now, for those of you who are wondering why my phone keeps turning off on its own, please note that the reasons for the problem are straightforward, and thus easy to resolve. All you have to do is thoroughly examine the issues and proceed to the solutions presented in this post.

dr.fone toolkit Data Android Backup & Restore application provides an excellent platform for you to securely store all your data on your PC and access it whenever you want, allowing you to continue resolving the mistake without fear of losing data. “How come my phone is constantly shutting down?”

Therefore, do not pause; continue on and experiment with the tricks. They have aided numerous individuals and will undoubtedly assist you as well.


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