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NUBAN number

What Exactly Is a NUBAN?

A Nigerian Uniform Bank Account Number (NUBAN) is a standardized ten-digit identifier used in Nigeria to identify individual bank accounts. Since its implementation in 2011, NUBAN numbers have served as standard bank account numbers in Nigeria, where they have been extensively utilized by both people and corporations.

Thus, NUBAN numbers may be classified legally as bank IDs, i.e., they are to Nigeria what IBAN numbers are to Europe and Routing numbers are to the United States.

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Understanding NUBAN Numbers

In most circumstances — regardless of whether you’re sending a wire transfer to Nigeria from overseas or a standard local bank transfer — you’ll need to locate and utilize your recipient’s NUBAN number.

Fortunately, once you have your beneficiary’s NUBAN, the rest of the procedure should be pretty easy, with the banks requiring minimal other data.

This is because the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) codified NUBAN numbers in order to enhance the country’s previously disparate electronic payment system. Despite this, the CBN reports that the NUBAN’s current 10-digit format may be modified to a 16-digit one in 2021.

NUBAN Number Structure

NUBAN numbers are composed of ten digits that provide critical information about the bank and the particular account at that bank, as well as information on the number’s authenticity.

While each NUBAN number is unique, the code may be separated into two distinct sections, each with its own purpose and application.

The first of these components is referred to as the’serial number,’ which is composed of the NUBAN’s first nine digits and is derived using a mathematical formula. This serial number is used to identify the bank with which the NUBAN is affiliated (e.g. Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, etc. ), as well as to refer to a particular bank account at that bank:


The last digit of the NUBAN is referred to as the ‘check digit,’ because it is critical in assessing whether or not the code is valid:


If a NUBAN is written improperly, for example, the check digit will very certainly catch the problem.

Note: The example NUBAN used above is fictitious. This NUBAN checker may be used to verify the authenticity of these numbers.

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How Do I Find My NUBAN?

If you’re looking for your bank account’s NUBAN number, it’s typically displayed prominently on your web or mobile profile. Alternatively, it should display on the bank statement you downloaded.

If your NUBAN number does not appear after doing these steps, we recommend contacting your bank immediately.

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