Top 15 Biggest Mall In the World 2022

Malls are such an integral part of our life that we couldn’t stop ourselves from visiting them occasionally even after the advent of authoritative e-commerce websites. Additionally, they contribute significantly to both the local and national economies.

We’ve produced a list of the world’s largest malls based on gross leasable space. The gross leasable area, or GLA, refers to the entire amount of commercial space (floor) available for rent. By contrast, gross floor area refers to the overall size of an establishment, including its walls.

15. New Century Global Center

Located In: Chengdu, China
Opened In: 2013
Gross Leasable Area: 400,000 Square Meters

China’s New Century Global Center is the world’s largest structure (1,700,000 m2) in terms of total floor space. It is the equivalent of three Pentagons or 246 football fields in size. Within is a colossal water park complete with a man-made bench and a movie. Additionally, it houses an ice rink, office space, and the InterContinental Hotel, which has 1,000 rooms.

14. Central World

Central World

Located In: Bangkok, Thailand
Opened In: 1990 and/or 2006
Gross Leasable Area: 187,046 Square Meters

CentralWorld Mall in Bangkok was formerly named the ‘World Trade Center’ in 1990. Following its extension in 2003, it was renamed Central World Plaza. The mall underwent more improvements in order to compete with Siam Paragon mall (also in Bangkok). In 2006, the name was ultimately changed to Central World.

The mall is home to around 600 retail outlets, a 45-story office tower, and a 5-star hotel with a 17,000-square-meter convention center. The facility as a whole occupies an area of 1,024,000 m2.

13. SM Mall of Asia

SM mall

Located In: Bay City, Philippines
Opened In: 2006
Gross Leasable Area: 432,891 Square Meters

SM Mall of Asia, or simply SM MoA, is the Philippines’ fourth largest mall, down from first place when it debuted in 2006.

The mall also features a hypermarket, an IMAX theater, and three other movie theaters. Its primary athletic feature is an Olympic-sized ice skating rink (the first of its kind in the Philippines), which is located on the third floor. It hosted the illustrious Skate Asia competition in 2007.

Additionally, SM Mall of Asia houses the E-com center, a six-story commercial complex geared to office use. The total facility spans about 70 hectares.

12. Persian Gulf Complex

Located In: Shiraz, Iran
Opened In: 2011
Gross Leasable Area: 450,000 Square Meters

The Persian Gulf Complex is Iran’s third-largest mall in terms of total floor area and the world’s 12th largest mall in terms of total floor area. However, it is the second largest mall in terms of overall shop count, after only the Iran Mall (2,500).

A bowling alley, six cinemas, three amusement parks (one outdoor), two swimming pools, and a hypermarket are located within the complex.

11. 1 Utama

Located In: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opened In: 1995
Gross Leasable Area: 465,000 Square Meters

1 Utama, located in Petaling Jaya, near Kuala Lumpur, is Malaysia’s largest shopping complex. It is home to Southeast Asia’s largest rooftop garden, a blazing arcade center, and a massive 36-lane bowling facility. Within the mall, there are up to six other recreational sporting areas.

The complex was constructed in two parts, the most recent of which opened to the public on 19 August 2011. According to official figures, around 60,000 people visit 1 Utama everyday on weekdays, while approximately 120,000 people attend on weekends.

10. Isfahan City Center

Located In: Isfahan, Iran
Opened In: 2012
Gross Leasable Area: 465,500 Square Meters

Isfahan City Center, with a total floor space of 465,000 m2, is Iran’s second-largest mall, covering an area of 600,000 m2. Additionally, it is the world’s largest mall museum (mall containing a museum).

Restaurants, an entertainment center, a hypermarket, a hotel, and more than 700 retail outlets are located in the City Center. The facility was constructed in four phases.

9. SM Seaside City Cebu

Located In: Cebu City, Philippines
Opened In: 2015
Gross Leasable Area: 470,486 Square Meters

SM Seaside City Cebu (not to be confused with SM City Cebu) is the crown gem of the 8.5 billion peso (about US$600 million) SM Seaside Complex, which also comprises residential structures, office space, and a hotel.

The mall is equipped with an amusement area that includes an 18-lane bowling alley and an Olympic-size skating rink. Additionally, it houses a large-format cinema (akin to IMAX) and six other theatres.

The mall’s centerpiece is a 150-meter-tall structure known as the Seaside Tower. This tower’s top viewing deck offers a comprehensive 360-degree view of the city.

8. SM Megamall

Located In: Mandaluyong, Philippines
Opened In: 1991
Gross Leasable Area: 474,000 Square Meters

SM Megamall is the second-largest mall in the Philippines, located in the city of Mandaluyong in Metropolitan Manila. It spans 25 acres and is home to approximately 1,000 stores, including retail outlets and eateries.

7. SM City North EDSA

Located In: Quezon City, Philippines
Opened In: 1985
Gross Leasable Area: 498,000 Square Meters

SM City North EDSA is the country’s largest mall and the seventh-largest in the world. Additionally, it was SM Supermalls’ first real estate project. When it opened in 1985, the mall had a gross floor area of just 120,000 square meters. The mall achieved its current size only after a series of redevelopment and expansion initiatives (from 2006).

The entire complex, with the exception of the original building, is divided into five blocks or annexes. Two of the five blocks contain office space, while the remaining two are entirely dedicated to parking. The remainder of the block (annex 2) is comprised of retail establishments, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


Located In: Bangkok, Thailand
Opened In: 2018
Gross Leasable Area: 525,000 Square Meters

ICONSIAM, Bangkok’s newest real estate attraction, is a shopping and residential complex that contains two of the city’s tallest skyscrapers and the country’s second largest mall.

The mall, which spans 525,000 square meters and has ten levels, is home to more than 1,000 stores. It houses Thailand’s first and only Apple Store. Additionally, Iconsiam houses an exhibition hall and a heritage museum.

The total cost of the project is around $1.6 billion, or 54 billion baht.

5. CentralPlaza Westgate

Located In: Nonthaburi, Thailand
Inaugurated In: 2015
Gross Leasable Area: 550,278 Square meters

Thailand’s CentralPlaza WestGate (or Bangyai) is the next largest mall on our list, located in Nonthaburi province just outside Bangkok. The mall, which spans six levels and covers a total floor space of 550,278 square meters, is home to over 1,000 retailers, including the world’s fifth-largest IKEA store (50,278 m2). It is owned and built by Central Pattana, Thailand’s leading property developer.

4. Golden Resources Mall

Located In: Beijing, China
Inaugurated In: 2004
Gross Leasable Area: 557,419 square meters

SM City Tianjin is the third-largest mall in the world in terms of gross leasable area. It is SM Supermalls’ sixth and most current mall in China. The mall as a whole covers an area of 436,000 m2.

When viewed from above, SM Tianjin’s unusual design resembles a flower, with a circular building in the center surrounded by three leaf-like oval buildings. It was developed by arquitectonica, an American architectural and design studio.

Within a few weeks of the mall’s debut, around 60% of the mall’s total leasable space was occupied. It is home to some of the largest domestic and international retailers.

3. SM City Tianjin

Located In: Tianjin, China
Inaugurated In: 2016
Gross Leasable Area: 565,000 square meters

When viewed from above, SM Tianjin’s unusual design resembles a flower, with a circular building in the center surrounded by three leaf-like oval buildings. It was developed by arquitectonica, an American architectural and design studio.

Within a few weeks of the mall’s debut, around 60% of the mall’s total leasable space was occupied. It is home to some of the largest domestic and international retailers.

2. South China Mall

Located In: Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China
Inaugurated In: 2005
Gross Leasable Area: 659,612 Square meters
Estimated cost: $1.3 billion

When the South China Mall opened in 2005, it became the world’s second-biggest retail mall in terms of total area and the largest in terms of gross leasable area (close to 660,000 square meters). It offers ample area for up to 2,350 retail establishments.

For more than a decade after its inception, the mall was unable to recruit tenants, remaining almost empty. Due to the mall’s relatively low occupancy, it got the moniker ‘dead mall.’

However, things began to alter following a series of renovations and redesigns. The majority of rental spaces are already occupied, and daily visitors have increased significantly.

1. Iran Mall (Under Construction)

Located In: Chitgar Lake, Tehran
Gross Leasable Area: 1.4 million square meters
Estimated Completion: 2020

The Iran Mall, located northwest of Tehran, holds the title of world’s largest mall. The mall’s construction (which is still ongoing) is divided into two phases.

The first phase, which contains restaurants and food courts in addition to cinemas and a family entertainment center, opened in 2018. And with the second phase set to be completed in 2020, the Iran Mall is likely to maintain its position for quite some time.

The project’s overall size will rise from 1.4 million square meters to 1.95 million square meters upon completion of the second and final stages.

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