Top 10 Biggest Airlines In The world

The World’s Top 10 Largest Airlines by Company

Apart from the internet, the plane is the only invention that has brought the world closer together. There is currently no other mode of transport that gets you from point A to point B faster or safer than airplanes. Planes enable you to travel the length and breadth of our world in less than a day. The world’s largest airlines safely transport tens of millions of passengers.

Airlines suffered a loss in 2021 as a result of the COVID epidemic, as fewer people traveled in general. However, by 2022, the number of civilian flights worldwide is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels. As a result, it’s not surprising that the worldwide airline business is still doing rather well. Indeed, the multibillion-dollar sector has grown to become one of the greatest markets on the planet. Additionally, it is one of the most competitive. The following ranking summarizes the world’s current top 10 largest airlines by revenue last year.

The income earned by an airline is highly correlated with the number of passengers carried within a calendar year. However, as evidenced by the current Top 10 Airlines ranking, the level of ticket prices and, in that context, the nations and regions in which an airline operates can also have a significant revenue performance.

American airlines

American Airlines

Income: $29.9 billion

Established in: 2013
(as a merger between US Airways & AMR)
Located in: Forth Worth, Texas, USA

Alliance: Oneworld
Owned by: American Airlines Group Inc.

Number of countries served: 48

Number of yearly passengers: ~ 165 million


Delta airlines

Delta Air Lines

Income: $29.9 billion

Established in: 1925
Located in: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Alliance: SkyTeam
Owned by: 
Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Number of countries served: 52
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 125 million


United airlines

United Airlines

Income: $24.6 billion

Established in: 2010
(as a merger between United Air Lines & Continental Airlines)
Located in: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Alliance: Star Alliance
Owned by: United Airlines Holdings, Inc.

Number of countries served: 74
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 105 million


China southern airlines

China Southern Airlines

Income: $16.4 billion

Established in: 1988
Located in: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Alliance: None
Owned by: China Southern Air Holding Company

Number of countries served: 40
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 110



Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Income: $15.4 billion

Established in: 1953
Located in: Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Alliance: Star Alliance
Owned by: Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Number of countries served: 77
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 50 million


Air china

Air China

Income: $10.9 billion

Established in: 1988
Located in: Beijing, China

Alliance: Star Alliance
Owned by: Air China Group

Number of countries served: 41
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 105 million

7. China Eastern Airlines

China eastern airlines

China Eastern Airlines

Income: $10.8 billion

Established in: 1988

Located in: Shanghai, China

Alliance: SkyTeam
Owned by: China Eastern Air Holding Company

Number of countries served: 41
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 90 million


Southwest airlines

Southwest Airlines

Income: $9.1 billion

Established in: 1967
Located in: Dallas, Texas, USA

Alliance: None
Owned by: Southwest Airlines Co.

Number of countries served: 11
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 100 million

9. All Nippon Airways

All nipppon airways

All Nippon Airways

Revenue: $8.0 billion

Founded in: 1952
Based in: Tokyo, Japan

Alliance: Star Alliance
Owned by: ANA Holdings Inc.

Number of countries served: 26
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 45 million

10. Air France

Air france

Air France

Income: $7.1 billion

Established in: 1933
Located in: Tremblay-en-France, Ile-de-France, France

Alliance: SkyTeam
Owned by: Air France-KLM S.A.

Number of countries served: 93
Number of yearly passengers: ~ 25 million

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