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Terms And Conditions

Terms Of Service

In essence, we provide income opportunities in exchange for a membership fee. It should be reminded that paying a membership fee does not entitle you to a significant return on investment except what you work and earn with your account.

You can take advantage of the opportunities we provided by paying the membership cost which will give you access to some of our features to increase your your earnings.

We also use this membership money to fund our NaijaCash account balance so that we can credit your earnings, reward referral bonuses, and pay you cash upon request.

We use this money to fund the operation, maintenance, and management of this platform, including server management.

After your payment and registration, there will be NO Refund of membership fee.

It should be noted that the NaijaCash modus operandi, including the earning rate, cash withdrawal, and payout processes, are subject to change, amendment, and adjustment at any time in order to benefit members and to ensure the platform’s sustainability and prevent any failure to distribute benefits as intended.