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Politicians Must Use Public Offices To Serve The People- Peter Obi

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The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has urged political office holders to use their privileges to serve the people and stop them from suffering.

He spoke on Saturday in Umuahia, Abia State capital during a meeting with leaders of his party and some Christian leaders where he expressed disappointment with the increasing suffering among Nigerians.

Obi a former governor of Anambra state said some states are still owing salaries, gratuities, and pensions to their civil servants and retirees.

He said being in a political office is by the grace of God, urging them to stop abusing God’s grace and serve the people well.

The presidential hopeful said a country where the cost of bread cannot be affordable to the people is not a Nigeria of his dream.

He called on the people to ask politicians questions on what their agenda is before supporting them.

Obi said Nigeria should be a producing and not a consuming nation, assuring that if he is elected the next president of the country, in two years Abia will become a major shoe exporter.

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Politicians Must Use Public Offices To Serve The People- Peter Obi - EDOZIE JEREMIAH - 1:10 pm

Almighty GOD will continue to strengthen you sir !!