MTN Night Plan Sub Code (2GB for N200, 1GB for N100, 500MB for N50)

Mtn night plan Sub code

In spite of the fact that mtn has reduced the size of its midnight browsing plan, getting 250mb for 25naira is still an excellent deal. It can meet your needs if properly used and managed.

There has been a Mtn Pulse Night Browsing Plan for quite some time now. While initially enjoying 500MB for just 25 Naira at midnight, this has been cut to 250MB for just 25 Naira and 500MB for just 50 Naira currently because of increased competition.

Each night you are limited to 500mb of data usage, which means you can only use the 250mb subscription from 12am to 5am after using the first one.

If you haven’t used all of your mtn midnight browsing data by 5 a.m., you’ll be charged from your main data plan, even if you haven’t.

People have now begun to complain, however, that even after subscribing for an mtn night browsing plan, their main data plan is still being used even after they paid for it. So, at first I believed it was a scam until I gave it a shot and had the same results.

Even though I’m sure this is a mistake on their part, here are some steps you can do to avoid it.

With an active data plan and MTN midnight browsing subscription before 12am, turn off your phone and wait for two seconds before turning it back on. You can also reboot your phone after that time.

The midnight plan that you subscribed to will be deducted from your main data plan instead. However, once you exhaust the midnight plan before 5am, they will immediately begin charging from your main data plan.

The question is, how do you know when your mtn midnight browsing plan has run out?

How to check mtn night plan data balance

Mtn midnight browsing balance may now be checked using ussd code. Dial *559*96# to find out how much data you’ve used during the night on your mtn plan. If you have an MTN night plan, you can see your remaining data balance right away.

You may also check your mtn night plan balance by dialing *406#, selecting 3 (NightLife Bundles), and then selecting 3 (Balance).

I believe I’ve addressed all of your concerns about the mtn night plan sub activation in the preceding succinct explanation. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the mtn night browsing code.

Mtn pulse night plan

You must be on the mtn pulse tariff to be eligible for the mtn night browsing plan. If you are not, you will not be able to sign up.

The migration to mtn pulse is free if your existing tariff is up to a month if you’re not on the mtn pulse tariff dial *406# and pick 1

The mtn pulse night plan can now be subscribed to if you have successfully made the switch to mtn pulse.

Mtn night browsing code

MTN’s midnight browsing plan is available in two flavors: the 25-naira night plan and the 50-naira night plan, with the latter offering 500mb of data.

After you’ve used up your first 250mb subscription, you can subscribe again for another 250mb, but only once for a 500mb subscription. The code to subscribe to them is provided below.

Mtn night plan code for 25 naira

If you wish to subscribe for the mtn 25 naira night plan, you must have at least 25 naira in your primary airtime account balance, not your bonus account.

To subscribe, dial *406#.

Choose 4 – NightLife Bundles
Choose 1 – 250MB Pulse Nightlife
Select 1 to Confirm That’s it; you’ll be notified of the successful night plan subscription, which will be active from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. the following day.

Mtn night plan code for 50 naira

You can only subscribe to this package once every night if you have at least 50 naira in your primary airtime account balance (not bonus account).

To become a subscriber, simply call *406#.

Choose 4 NightLife Packages

Go with Option 1 – 500MB Burst Nightlife

The night plan subscription will be activated from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. that day if you choose option 1.

Even if you’ve exceeded the 500MB night plan limit and still have work to do, you can just use another mtn sim, if you have any, to do it.

There are no restrictions on how many MTN SIM cards you can use to get the additional 500MB of data. Just make sure your Electricity owner (Nepa) don’t know you’re awake so they don’t take the light.


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