Get MTN 200 for 1GB, 2GB for 500, 4GB for 1000 Code 2022

MTN 200 for 1GB, 2GB for 500, 4GB for 1000 Code

It’s been available for a while, however most mtn customers don’t know about or know how to utilize the 200mb data plan from MTN.

This mtn data plan 200 for 1gb deal was announced by MTN around the year 2019. As a thank you for returning promo, it’s geared toward people who have recently done a “welcome back” on a lost sim.

You can still take advantage of this promotion with your mtn sim even if you didn’t do a welcome back. This promo isn’t just for welcome back users. Why don’t you ask how I did it? Simply bookmark this page, and I’ll show you how to acquire the mtn 200 for 1gb, how to qualify, and how to activate the promo code.

A whopping 4GB monthly plan costs only 1000 pesos during this promotion, and smaller plans like 250MB per 100 pesos per day for three days and a 2GB bi-weekly plan costs only 500 pesos.

If Mtn wants to murder us with pleasure, you may utilize this data to download and stream your favorite music and videos from the internet. As well as chatting on all social media networks, you can also use it to explore the web. Continue reading to learn how to take advantage of this promotion.

How To Get Mtn 1gb for 200

Mtn 200 for 1GB is one of the best and most economical data plans available from MTN. If you’re like me and spend a lot of time on the internet, you’ll agree that this is like a dream come true.

We all know how expensive a good and long-lasting mtn data plan can be, but after seeing this mtn data plan 200 for 1gb, I’ve changed my mind.

If you have an MTN sim and are unaware of this MTN data plan of 200 naira for 1GB, you are truly missing out and need to wake up from your slumber.

This MTN data plan 200 for 1GB has been around since 2019 and most people, including myself, have been flexing and loving it, while others can’t seem to join the train due to their sims’ ineligibility for reasons they don’t seem to understand.

If you’re in this group, here’s why your sim isn’t eligible for the MTN data plan 200 for 1GB and how you can subscribe and flex like the rest of us.

How To Be Eligible for Mtn 200 1gb data plan

As I previously stated, this mtn data plan 200 for 1gb is a “welcome back” promo, which means it is only for individuals who have lost their mtn sim and have done a welcome back on that sim. This promotion is intended to entice such users to return, and they will be able to take advantage of it for three months.

Now that I know what you’re thinking, should I go ahead and reactivate all of my mtn sims that are already active? This is not a smart idea because you are aware of the consequences, which include losing all of your contacts.

So I wouldn’t recommend that; instead, keep your sim dormant for at least 30 days before reactivating it.
What exactly do I mean? Keep your mtn sim inactive by not charging it, subscribing to it, or making a call with it for at least 30 days, then charging it and using it again.

I realize this seems stupid to some of you who have an active official line that you’ve been using for years, which is why you should do it on your other mtn lines that you don’t use all of the time. Reactivate them by recharging and initiating a call with them once they have been idle for at least 30 days.

How To Transfer Mtn Airtime Code 2022

This is not a guarantee, as this offer can be selective at times, but it works the majority of the time. On my other mtn line, I followed this exact approach and was approved for this promotion. And, despite the fact that they only provided me a three-month validity period, I’ve been flexing and enjoying this promo for more than five months.

So you may give it a shot, but after getting refused for the MTN data plan 200 for 1GB deal for my active main sim, I’m not sure whether it’s worth it. After trying again a few months later, I was also granted eligibility. (Keep in mind that this is my official sim, which has been running for the past ten years with no welcome back.)

So keep trying on your mtn sims; you never know, you might be lucky, and if you are, here’s how to activate the mtn data plan 200 for 1GB.

Code for mtn 200 for 1gb

To find out if you’re eligible, dial *131*65#. If you’re eligible, you’ll be given a list of data plans to choose from and instructed to do so. You’ll see a list of data plans that includes:

1. N100 for a 3-day plan of 250MB
2. N200 for 1GB Weekly Plan
3. N1000 for a 4GB monthly plan
4. N500 for 2GB bi-weekly plan

If you’re not eligible for the 200 for 1GB mtn deal, you’ll get a notification that says, “Sorry, you’re not eligible for this offer…” or “Oh my, it appears that the code you used was incorrect.”

If you received any of those messages, please be aware that your MTN sim is ineligible for this promotion. The only thing you can do right now is follow the technique I stated earlier and keep trying; you never know when you’ll get lucky.

To check your data balance for this promo, dial *131*4# and send. Your data balance as well as the expiry date will be displayed.

200 naira for Mtn 1gb day plan

The above-mentioned MTN data plan 200 for 1GB is a 7-day package. Whether you use it or not, it expires after 7 days. You can always renew this plan when it expires.

There is, however, another plan that is identical to this: the MTN 1GB for 200 Days plan. It’s also accessible as an official plan, which means it doesn’t require any requirements; any MTN subscriber may subscribe for it, but it’s labeled as a “instabinge” plan. (I believe it’s just for Instagram.)

If you’re active on Instagram, this plan is for you. It lasts for 24 hours and then expires. Simply phone *131*1#, choose a daily plan, then choose the N200 for 1GB option (instabinge).

In Conclusion:

That’s how to get the MTN 200 1GB data plan; if it works for you, congrats! and a warm welcome to the community!. From now until 6 months, you can keep it on auto renewal and watch unlimited videos and favorite tunes.

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