How To Transfer MTN Pulse Points to Another Number in 2022

Transferring MTN Pulse Points

On the MTN network, airtime can be transferred between accounts. Additionally, you can share or transfer data with another user. Airtime and data, whether main or bonus, are not the only items you might have on your account balance with the MTN pulse tariff plan. In addition to MTN pulse points, you will also find them on your balance. Let’s examine how you might transfer your MTN Pulse points in the event that you wish to provide someone with data or airtime and have some Pulse points to spare.
Pulse points provided to users of the MTN Pulse tariff can only be redeemed for specified MTN network bundles. Because a user’s pulse points are unique, they cannot be transferred to another account. They will stay in your account until they are used.
Pulse points are subject to expiration, so you should not leave them inactive on your account simply because you cannot transfer them. Your MTN pulse points are valid until the end of the year (i.e., December 31), regardless of when they were acquired. Once December 31, 11:59:59 PM has passed, any remaining pulse points in your account will expire and be erased.
Once you accumulate a substantial number of pulse points, it will be a difficult choice to redeem them.
In order to transform your pulse points into data, dial *406*7# to access the data options. They consist of:


1.  Data packages.

2.  Nightlife Package

3.  IG/TikTok

A single pulse point is equivalent to or worth N1 in value. Therefore, 10 pulse points are equivalent to N10 in value, 25 pulse points to N25, and 200 pulse points to N200, depending on the circumstance.
When you perform certain activities on the network, such as purchasing certain daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles; gifting data to friends and family; subscribing to MTN Music Time; purchasing IG/TikTok bundles; using the myMTN app; and when you migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan (if you are a first-time user).
Therefore, if you have accumulated, say, 500 or 100 pulse points, you may redeem them. To determine whether you have enough MTN Pulse Points, use the USSD code *406*7*1#. You will receive a notification indicating the number of pulse points you own.
Pulse points cannot be converted or redeemed for airtime, nor can they be transferred. Pulse points can only be redeemed as data for online browsing. There are three different data options available for redemption with MTN pulse points. They consist of:

1. Data packages The standard daily data package that you purchase

2. (midnight) from 5 a.m. (midnight) to 5 a.m.

3. IG/TikTok bundles for browsing Instagram and TikTok.
To redeem your pulse points for data, dial *406*7# or *406# > Select 7 (Pulse Points) and choose from the Data Bundle, Nightlife Bundle, and Instagram/TikTok. Or, you can purchase a specific data plan by dialing the plan’s code and then selecting to pay with your pulse points under payment options.

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