How To Transfer Money From Keystone Bank To Any Other Bank

Transfer Money From Keystone Bank
Keystone Bank

Transfer Money From Keystone Bank: Keystone Bank is a bank of the new generation in Nigeria, offering unmatched banking services.

Are you aware that Keystone Bank allows its customers to transfer funds from their bank account to any other bank in Nigeria? Simply by sending a unique code.

Yes, this is accurate, dependable, and secure.

With the mobile number associated with their bank account, each Keystone bank customer gets access to the USSD code *7111#. Customers can use this USSD code to perform a variety of banking transactions via their mobile phone at any time and from any location in Nigeria.

The remarkable part is that the Keystone Bank transfer code takes only 30 seconds to send money to any Nigerian bank account.

We will examine the code used to send money from our Keystone Bank account in this article.

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USSD Code for Keystone Bank Transfer

  • On the mobile number associated with your Keystone Bank account. Dial 7111 Amount* Account Number# Please keep in mind that the same code is utilized regardless of whether the funds are being transferred to a Keystone Bank account or not.
  • After sending the code above, your phone will display a list of several banks. You will need to select the bank account of the recipient.
  • The recipient’s account name will then be confirmed – if it matches what you currently have.
  • Finally, you will be prompted to enter your PIN.
  • Once this is completed, the amount transferred will be promptly debited from your account and credited to the recipient’s account.

You will also receive a debit alert SMS on the same mobile number.

Limits on Keystone transfer

The highest amount of money that can be transferred in a single transaction is 20,000 naira, with a daily maximum of 100,000 naira.

Keystone Bank’s transfer limit figures may change from time to time in accordance with Central Bank directives.

The Advantages Of Keystone Bank’s USSD

  • It’s simple, quick, and secure
  • It enables you to send money directly from your mobile device.
  • Its operation is protected by a one-of-a-kind PIN.
  • This service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • There is no requirement for an internet connection.
  • This service is compatible with all mobile phone models.
  • After each transaction, you receive an instant SMS notification.
  • Each day, you can transfer up to 100,000 naira.

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