How to Share / Transfer Data On AIRTEL to MTN Sim

How To Transfer Data On Airtel line

Do you want to know how to send data from your Airtel sim to your MTN sim or any other network?
Then continue reading.

Airtel smartshare is a service that allows you to share, transfer, and gift your data to others.
Basically, you’ll be able to share or transfer data from one Airtel line to another.
You can also use airtel smartshare to buy a data bundle for someone else and then pay with your own airtime.

The airtel smartshare service is available to all airtel customers, regardless of tariff plan; simply make sure you have an active data plan (if you want to use the transfer service) or airtime (if you want to buy data for someone else).

It is important to note that you will not be able to transfer a data bonus.
Your main data is the only data you’re allowed to transfer.
having learned all of this, let’s move on to our primary topic: how to transfer data from Airtel to MTN.

How to Share / Transfer Data from AIRTEL to MTN Sim

The airtel smartshare service only permits data to be transferred from one airtel to another.
This implies you can only communicate, share, or transfer data from your airtel to another airtel user.
You will not be able to move data from your Airtel account to a non-Airtel network.

In other words, you can only transfer data from airtel to airtel, not from mtn, glo, or 9mobile.
So, if the person you want to transfer data to isn’t on Airtel and insists on it, show them this post for extra assurance and clarification, or you can buy them data directly from your bank account.

If the person has an airtel line, however, you can use the process below to transfer data to them from your own airtel line.  Transferring data from one airtel to another is simple, straightforward, and takes very little time.
Let’s get this party started!

If this is your first time using the airtel smartshare service, you’ll be asked to create a PIN, which you’ll use to transfer, share, or gift data on the network. It will also keep unauthorized people from interfering with your data if they don’t know your PIN.

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How to change / reset data transfer pin on airtel

To update or reset your Airtel data transfer pin, dial *141#, then select 6 (Data Gifting & Sharing), then 1 (Change Pin), and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Congratulations if you were able to accomplish this. Let’s proceed to the next phase.

How to transfer data from airtel to airtel

Simply dial *141# to transfer data from one airtel to another.
Choose 6 (Gifting & Sharing)
Choose 4 options (Data Me2U)
2nd option (Send Me2U From Existing Allowance)
Enter the recipient’s phone number.
Enter the Data Allowance/Amount (MB) > PIN and Send.

Note that you can only transfer a total of 200MB per person per day, and you can only transfer to a total of two people per day. The total amount of data you can transfer in a day to two Airtel lines is 400mb. (each 200mb)

That’s not all; did you know that you may also share your data with another airtel user using airtel smartshare?

It’s important to understand the difference between transferring and sharing data. The former, as said above, is transmitting data from your data balance to another airtel line, but the latter (sharing) entails allowing them access to your data, This essentially implies that they can use your data to access the internet on their phones.

They will continue to have internet access using your data regardless of where they are until your data expires or you restrict them.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can share data on Airtel.

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How Do I Share Data On My airtel to another airtel

Send SHARE as a text message to 121 to share mb or data on Airtel.
This will allow you to add family members to your list.
These are the individuals with whom you will be able to share your data.

Send the text “ADD Recipient’s number” to 121 to add people to this list, eg  “ADD 080XXXXXXXX” to 121.

You’ll get a message verifying your request, and then hit 1 to confirm.

Phone numbers you have added to your family list will have access to your data on their own phones/devices from that point on, unless you remove or delete them from your family list. check below on how to remove number from your family list.

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How to remove / delete airtel number from the family list

Send “DEL Recipient’s number” to 121 to remove or delete an airtel number from your family list.
Example If you want to remove 08012345678 from your family list and prevent the person from accessing your data, follow these steps.

send DEL 08012345678to 121, and that person will no longer be able to access your data, and if you want to add them back, repeat the procedures above.

How to share / gift data from airtel to airtel

Airtel data gifting is a service that allows you to buy data bundles for your friends and family and pay for them using your own airtime.
It’s the same as buying a data bundle for yourself, only the data bundle is given to the individual you’re buying for and the airtime is removed from your own airtel line.
It’s referred to as data gifting.

To gitf data on Airtel, dial *141# and select 6 from the menu (Data gifting & Sharing)

Choose 2 (Data Gifting)

Choose the data plan you want (Monthly, Weekly, Daily etc)

Enter the recipient’s phone number, then your pin and click Send.

Make sure you have enough airtime for the data plan you’re gifting to the airtel user.
The airtime for the data will be withdrawn from your airtel line once the transaction is completed, and the recipient will receive the data.

It’s important to keep in mind that the recipient’s phone number must be an Airtel number.

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As you can see, the airtel smartshare service does not allow data to be transferred from airtel to mtn.
This page was created to highlight that you can only transfer from your Airtel to another Airtel customer.

However, for the time being, you can still buy data for the person’s line directly from your bank account.

Use the share buttons on this page to share this post with your relatives and friends so that they are aware of this information as well.

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