How To Migrate & Benefits Of Airtel RCCG Plan 2022 (CUG) Code

airtel RCcG
Airtel RCCG

In this post, we will discuss the Airtel RCCG plan, which provides customers with a low-cost means of making phone calls.

When it comes to Nigerian mobile phone service providers, Airtel has consistently stood out as one of the best. Because of this, they introduced the RCCG plan, which lets customers make as few as 40 minutes of uninterrupted calls for as little as N100.

The RCCG plan was launched for Airtel customers to make long-distance calls for as little as a 100 Naira recharge on your line, as I said above.

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How To Migrate To Airtel RCCG Plan

1. Visit the Airtel Service Center nearest to you.

2. Request for a New SIM Registration (with the RCCG package as default).

3. Register and activate your new RCCG SIM.

4. Now, dial *121*2*5# to confirm that your sim is on the RCCG plan. After that, recharge your new line with as low as N100 and start enjoying the bonus on every recharge.

That’s all you need to do to start enjoying the plan.

How To Subscribe To RCCG Plan Using USSD Code

Airtel RCCG plan USSD code is *276*200#

  • Simply dial *276*200# to purchase the RCCG monthly package. It costs only N700.

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Benefits Of Airtel RCCG Plan

Below are what to enjoy when you subscribe to Airtel RCCG Plan:

Long hours call for low costs such as:

  • 40 Minutes call for N100 only.
  • 80 Minutes call for N200 only.
  • 120 minutes call for N300 only.
  • 160 Minutes call for N400 and more like that…
  • You and Me call benefits.
  • Free bonus on every recharge.

How To Easily Check Balance Of Your RCCG Plan 

  • Simply dial *123# with your phone. Airtel will quickly send you a message, and you’ll see a message flash up on your screen.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Please, How Do I Activate My Airtel RCCG Plan?

This answer has been explained earlier in the post. Scroll up and see the activation code.

How Do I Migrate To Airtel RCCG Plan?

Ask the registrant or representative at the Airtel service center nearest you to activate your RCCG sim by applying for a fresh sim card registration.

What Is The Airtel RCCG CUG Code?

The RCCG subscription code is *276*200#.

How Can I Migrate To Airtel RCCG Plan?

Buy, register and activate your new sim card to RCCG.

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