How to Increase Traffic To Fiverr Gigs

A fellow blogger just joined Fiverr and has been enquiring repeatedly about “How Do I Increase My Sales On” Now, the majority of people continue to ask that question and get little or no clear response.

If you fall into that category or currently have sales pouring in and desire to grow them by a whopping 200 percent, this article will be very beneficial to you.
There are a variety of reasons why you may struggle to raise your sales, and before I explain How to Increase Your Sales, I’d want to highlight a few of these causes.

4 Things Every Good Seller Should Include in Their Fiverr Profile and Gigs

What!!! You posted the performance two weeks ago and there has been no sign of a sale? It’s fairly straightforward; something is wrong. It is believed that if you want to generate sales on Fiverr, consider it like a real market in which you must accommodate a possible customer in order to convert him. If you want to do so, you must first solve the following difficulties.


Quite Self-Evident, Isn’t It? It is claimed that what we see affects us. The majority of users prefer to purchase from a profile that includes a photograph rather than one that is blank or utilizes the default Avatar. Ascertain that the profile photo is visually appealing and worth seeing.
As I’m sure you’re aware, not everyone is a Chris Brown or Miley Cyrus, which is where Google comes in. Utilize Google to locate and utilize beautiful images.

Take care not to use a famous image, since this would have the opposite impact. Have you ever pondered why customer service employees are so appealing? Its purpose is to entice you to make further purchases and become a customer. The same holds true for Fiverr; a nice cover picture would result in a few more purchases.


I was perusing various Fiverr SEO gigs and had to choose between two of them. Let us refer to them as A and B. While Gig A’s title was more appealing than Gig B’s, the description of Gig A read as follows…”Order my gig and I guarantee complete delivery.
It’s an SEO job aimed at increasing traffic”. However, Gig B went into depth about how he intends to optimize sites, increase his social presence, and increase his social bookmarking.
While the vendor with Gig A may have a superior offer, his marketing was ineffective, and the seller with Gig B would generate more sales. Therefore, begin now and make an attempt to make the gig sufficiently detailed.


It’s OK to reassure sellers by demonstrating your expertise in the area of the job.
After crafting a thorough and informative explanation, you might conclude with a self-congratulatory confidence. Keep it brief, no more than one or two lines. Excessive use of this can make you seem desperate.


There is little to say to you. If you’re offering a job titled “Fixing WordPress Errors,” use the phrase at least three times in the description and once and a half times in the headline.
For example, the headline may be I will Inspect your WordPress Blog and Correct WORDPRESS ERRORS. You’ll note that I used the term wordpress twice in the headline and that the targeted keyword WordPress problems is capitalized.
After you’ve handled the aforementioned advice, let’s move on to the killer tips that have the potential to improve your sales by more than 200 percent.

Five Killer Tips to Boost Your Sales by 200 Percent


Traffic! Traffic! Much has been written about traffic, and its significance cannot be overstated.
To generate revenue, you need traffic. And how are you going to get this? To begin, I’d want to provide two methods that I personally utilize to drive traffic to my fiverr engagements.
To begin, build a website dedicated to your gigs or fiverr profile. Normally, this would be a difficult and tedious process, but with sites like, it has been simplified to the point that any Kyle or Joe can do it.
After that, you may utilize that medium to advertise your website’s URL on Facebook and other social media platforms.
I prefer to do this over sending a straight link on social media since the description box on social media does not allow for a comprehensive explanation of your gigs.
Additionally, they may impose restrictions on your term use. However, with a blogspot website, you would not only get free traffic from Google to your blog, which would lead to your fiverr jobs, but you would also be able to explain your work using photos and even post links to past work completed, how awesome is that?
Secondly, do a Google search for your client’s name. Instead than waiting for them to come to you, go to them. For instance, if you cure WordPress errors, you may do a Google search for “Assistance Fixing WordPress Error” and be surprised at how many people need your services. Once you locate one in a forum or group, inform them that you can correct it and provide a link to your fiverr gig or blog post containing the gig.


This is my personal favorite tip, which I’ve kept private for a long but have decided to share for the benefit of others. When you launch a new employment, one certain approach to convert viewers into clients is to provide a nice review.
Otherwise, everyone would continue to wait for the other person to purchase first. Nobody likes to squander their money, which is why they will wait to check whether the concert receives great reviews before purchasing.
Therefore, in such circumstances, establish two or three profiles, buy your own gigs, and watch the revenue pour in. Someone implemented this tip, and three days later, he generated fifteen sales. He even had to refuse several since he was unable to fulfill all of them within the anticipated time frame.


Sorry ladies, but my study indicates that female profiles get more visitors and so generate more purchases.
You do not have to be a woman to achieve this; just use a female American name and search for a female image on Google. This may sound unconventional, but it is a marketing approach that, when properly implemented, can result in a dramatic boost in your monthly sales.


Some customers may be unwilling to read your detailed description of the job.

They are what I refer to as “I purchase what I see clientele.” As such, the more visually appealing images you have to describe your job, the more sales you may expect. Therefore, ensure that your gig has at least three photographs to accompany it.


If you follow the methods above and are still unable to sell desired jobs, you may not make any sales.
To be clear, all jobs are desired, but some are more in demand than others. Any concert you desire to sell should be in the average to high demand bracket. Do not sell low-quality or sub-par jobs.


Now that these points have been made, I suppose you have a few questions and maybe a few contributions to offer. Please feel free to utilize the comment section to ensure.

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