How To Identify The Owner Of A Phone Number

How To Identify The Owner Of A Phone Number

How To Identify The Owner Of A Phone Number

How To Identify The Owner Of A Phone Number: There are many techniques to find out who owns a phone number, and this page will show you all of them.

When it comes to phone calls, most people don’t like being kept in the dark. What is the worst thing someone can do to you? For me, the worst thing is when someone calls with an unknown number and then proceeds to play pranks.

It’s just a fad to me.

In addition, we may receive a missed call from an unknown phone number and have no idea who owns the number. It’s also possible that you’ve been scammed by someone using a specific phone number, and you’d like to find out who did it.

Many more circumstances, in addition to those already stated, may lead us to inquire about the identity of the person behind a certain mobile phone number.

We’ll go into more detail about it below.

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How to find out who owns a particular phone number


For a long time, the best app to track down the owner of a specific phone number has been Truecaller.

In addition to its mobile app, Truecaller has a web-based version. Enter the phone number into, and if the person’s name is available, you’ll be able to see it.


Most of the world’s population uses Facebook. Similar to Truecaller, you can look for a person’s phone number on Facebook.

In order to do this, enter the phone number into the Facebook search bar and press enter. The profile of any Facebook user whose phone number is linked to their account can be viewed.


Worldwide, more than two billion people use WhatsApp to communicate with one another through mobile phone. It’s possible to find out who the caller is by adding the unknown caller’s mobile number to your contact list, then refreshing your WhatsApp to see the anonymous caller’s profile, but only if that number has been used to create a WhatsApp account previously.

Searching on Google

You can use Google to search for the phone number, and it may direct you to a website or webpage where the phone number has been used or mentioned.

If the person’s profile is available, you can access it from there.

Other social media

Then there’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other social media platforms you can use. Go to the search bar and input the phone number.

You might recognize the owner of the phone number if it appeared on a search result link in a region where the search is supported.

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