How to Exchange MTN Pulse Points for Airtime and Data in 2022

Conversion of MTN Pulse points to airtime

Conversion of MTN Pulse points to airtime

MTN Pulse users have a lot of Pulse point awards, and you might be wondering what to do with all of them instead of just leaving them hanging. Converting or redeeming your MTN Pulse points is one option. Using the steps outlined below, you’ll be able to transfer airtime or data from your MTN pulse points.

 imagine life without airtime. You may opt to make a phone call with them. As a result, you’re seeking a means to convert your MTN pulse points to airtime for phone calls.

Can MTN Pulse points be used to pay for phone calls on the MTN network? No, this is not true. The purpose of pulse points is to allow you to purchase your data.

On the MTN network, you cannot exchange your pulse point for airtime. There are only three formats in which pulse points can be converted. Pulse points can be converted to:

Data packages 
Nightlife Availability 
IG/TikTok packages

This may sound discouraging, but you should be aware that the MTN Pulse price plan prioritizes data bonuses above voice bonuses. However, it also provides for phone calls.

In addition to receiving pulse points incentives, switching to MTN Pulse enables calls to any network in Nigeria at a flat rate of 11.26k/sec. Your first minute of daily calling is charged at 25.6k/sec, after which you will be charged 11.26k/sec for the remainder of the day, commencing with your second minute of calling.

MTN Pulse users have unique access to special data plans and night data bundles. For N300, you can buy a 750MB data plan that is valid for 3 days, or for N500, you can get 1.5GB of data that is valid for 1 week. In addition to night data plans (Nightlife bundles) that can be used between 11PM and 6AM, there are also daytime data plans.

To obtain these incentives, you must be a member of MTN Pulse and earn pulse points. Initiate the migration to MTN Pulse immediately by dialing *406# on your phone, and start earning pulse points whenever you buy or share data. You may also migrate to MTN pulse by dialing the USSD code *406*1 # or *123packagef you haven’t migrated between tariff plans during the past month, moving is free. If you have migrated to a different tariff plan within the month, you must have at least N100 worth of airtime on your account, as an N100 migration fee will be applied.

How can mtn pulse point be converted to data?

Each pulse point is equivalent to or worth N1. Thus, if there are approximately 10 pulse points, the value will be N10. And 200 pulse points are equivalent in value to N200.

Therefore, before converting your pulse points or data, you must ensure that you have enough points to acquire the desired data package. 100 pulse points can provide no more than N100 worth of data.

To assess the balance of your pulse point:

Enter *406*
Press 7 to change the number to 7, the equivalent of Pulse Point.
Or, you can just phone the USSD code for the MTN Pulse Point balance, *406*7*1#.
You will receive a notification indicating the number of pulse points you own.

If you have recently transferred to MTN pulse, it is safe to presume that you do not have sufficient pulse points to purchase data. You must collect sufficient funds to purchase data.

When migrating to the MTN Pulse pricing plan, you’ll earn MTN Pulse points for the following actions:

Select daily, weekly, and monthly 
data packages are available for purchase.
Data presented to loved ones
Sign up for MTN Music Time.
Buy the Instagram and TikTok bundles.


activities on the myMTN app includes:

  • myMTN app login.
  • Airtime/data transfer via the myMTN app.
The initial migration to MTN Pulse qualifies for pulse migration points.
Subsequent migrations do not grant you any additional pulse points.

The number of Pulse points you receive is proportional to the quantity of data you purchase. A small data purchase will earn fewer pulse points, but a larger data purchase will earn more pulse points.

Pulse points are valid through the end of the year (December 31) and cannot be transferred. Therefore, do not wait too long before employing them.

In order to transform your pulse points into data, dial *406*7# to access the data options.

  • Data packages
  • Nightlife packages 
  • IG/TikTok pack

When you press 1, the options for daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles will appear.

If you press 2, you will be able to purchase Nightlife Bundles, which are only redeemable between 11 PM and 6 AM.

  • 250 MB for twenty-five pulse points.
  • 500 megabytes for fifty pulse points.

You can purchase it as many times as you like, but you cannot exceed the daily fair usage restriction of 2GB.

When you press the number 3, the IG/TikTok bundles will appear, allowing you to browse material on Instagram and TikTok.

  • 350MB for one hundred pulse points.
  • One gigabyte for 200 pulse points.

Alternatively, you can convert your pulse points to data by dialing the data plan’s number and selecting to pay with pulse points. Under “please select payment type” on the USSD pop-up while attempting to purchase data, there will be two alternatives. Choose pulse points to fund the purchase.

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