How To Easily Retrieve Your Lost BVN SIM Card (Full Guide)

Bvn sim card

It is possible that you have lost your BVN SIM card, and you are looking for a way to get it back. This article will help you. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place, as we’ll lead you through the process of regaining access to your BVN SIM, which has been lost.

To facilitate identification and verification at various points of banking activities, the Nigerian Banking Industry has adopted the BVN as a unique identifier.

Use of Internet Banking

You must first enroll in your bank’s internet banking service by dialing *556# on USSD before you can even retrieve your BVN without a phone number using Internet Banking.

Log in to your bank’s internet banking page with your username and password after you’ve properly registered. Bank verification numbers are located at the top of the menu depending on your bank’s navigation and menu settings.

Access your online account and seek for your bank verification number if necessary.

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Visiting Your Bank

Another option for regaining access to your BVN SIM Card is to visit your bank in person and explain your circumstance.

You should also be aware that banks have a difficult time distributing Bank Verification Numbers without adequate documentation and referencing. A BVN may be issued to you only if you pass an initial screening process.

Explain your predicament to the bank staff when you arrive, and be prepared to hear back. Bring your National ID card and two passports with you to the bank, since these documents will be necessary.

Using A Bank’s Mobile App

This is another another approach for recovering a misplaced BVN SIM Card. Download the bank’s app and finish the registration process are the only requirements. Some mobile banking apps require a bank verification number to sign up, while others don’t require it at all.

As part of the registration process, you’ll be given a password and a unique user name.

Once you’ve completed the signup process, use your mobile banking credentials to log in. The verification number for your bank may be written on the app’s surface, so be sure to inspect it attentively. Visit your account settings and select BVN from the drop-down menu.

Guideline To Verify BVN Sim Card Using USSD Code

You can also get your BVN number by dialing *5650# on your phone’s dialer, which is available on most lines. Each time you use USSD to dial the code, you’ll be charged a fee of 20.

You must use the same phone number that you used to register for your BVN when you submit this information.

BVN Phone Number Change Instructions

In order to change your BVN phone number, here are the steps.

Obtain an Affidavit

Because the bank will always request this document, make sure to bring it with yourself when you visit your bank for a new phone number. It’s important to make sure your affidavit is supported by an oath.

Means of Identification

National ID cards, voter ID cards, birth certificates, declarations of age, international passports, and driving licenses will be required.

Go to the bank

To get a new BVN phone number, go to your bank after you’ve gotten these documents and request it. Alert Number and BVN numbers are not always the same. With this service, you can either use the same or a different phone number.

Verify the validity of your BVN

You will be required to confirm your BVN at the bank, and your biometrics will be recorded on the system throughout this process.
That’s it! You’ll get an email in 24 hours letting you know that your BVN has been linked to your new account successfully.

How To Easily Check Your BVN Number on your Phone

To check if your new phone number has been properly linked to your BVN, simply dial *5650# on your old phone number.

If you recently changed your BVN phone number, you can do the same thing. Your BVN number is displayed if the phone number you used to make the request is now your BVN phone number.

How To Easily Recover Your BVN SIM Card If You’ve Misplaced It (Full Guide)

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