How To Check MTN Pulse Points & Buy Data

How To Check MTN Pulse Points

Do you have an MTN pulse tariff plan and want to know how to check and use your pulse points to purchase data? There’s no need to look any farther; this article is for you. Continue reading to learn how to accomplish it; it’s simple and straightforward.

Introducing MTN Pulse Points

MTN pulse points are points earned for purchasing MTN data plans, Night plans, IG & Tiktok plans, Music plan subscriptions, and airtime or data transfers using the myMTN app, among other things. You can also get these mtn pulse points if you first switch to an mtn pulse tariff plan and check in to the myMTN app.

The mtn pulse points are exclusive to consumers on the mtn pulse tariff plan, and you may use them to purchase mtn daily, weekly, or monthly data plans, nightlife plans, and IG/Tiktok bundles using your points.

If you’re on the mtn pulse tariff plan and you’re a regular data plan subscriber, I’m sure you’ve been receiving pulse points for the entire time you’ve been a subscriber. Surprisingly, most people are unaware of this, so let’s look at how you can check your mtn pulse points to see how many you’ve accumulated and how you can use them to purchase a data plan.

How To Check MTN Pulse Points balance

in other to check your pulse points on mtn dial: *406# > Select Pulse Points > Select Points Balance, after which your pulse points balance will be displayed immediately.

The pulse points are equal to naira, so one pulse point equals one naira, 100 pulse points equals 100 naira, and so on.

So any pulse points you have can be used to purchase any data plan with price equal to that number of pulse points in naira, e.g., if you have 100 pulse points, you can purchase data plan worth 100 naira, if you have 500 pulse points, you can purchase data plan worth 500 naira, and so on.
Now that you know that, let’s look at how you can leverage your mtn pulse points to buy data.

How to use mtn pulse point to buy data

To turn your points into data simply:

Dial *131#

Select 1 – Data Plans

Select any data plan you want – Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Select 1 or 2 – Auto renew or One-off

then Select 2 “Points” as payment type and send.

Make sure you have enough pulse points for the data plan you wish to purchase; keep in mind that points are the same as naira.
After that, you’ll get confirmation SMS with your pulse points confirming your successful data plan purchase. 
You will receive further information about the data plan, including the validity duration and your remaining pulse points.

How can I redeem my mtn pulse point back?

Redeeming or using your mtn pulse points to buy a data plan is the same thing. You can redeem or use your mtn pulse points to buy a data plan using the methods listed below.

To redeem your mtn pulse points, Kindly Dial: *406#,

then select 7 (Pulse Points),

Select 2 (Redeem Points), and then any of the data bundles you wish to redeem it with, then press OK.

That concludes our discussion. This is how you may utilize your mtn pulse points to purchase data plans.

How Do I earn Mtn pulse points

You must purchase data plans in order to earn mtn pulse points. You gain more pulse points when you purchase more data plans. MTN pulse points can also be earned by subscribing to a music plan, logging into the myMTN app, and transferring airtime or data using the myMTN app.

What Mtn Pulse Points is used For?

You may buy daily, weekly, and monthly data plans with your mtn pulse points. You can also buy nightlife plans and IG/Tiktok bundles with your mtn pulse point.

Can I transfer Mtn pulse points?

Your mtn pulse points cannot be transferred; they can only be used to purchase mtn data plans.

Want to learn how to transfer mtn airtime Go Here.

Can mtn pulse point buy airtime

You can only use your mtn pulse points to buy data plans on mtn; you can’t use them to buy airtime.


Earning pulse points whenever you buy data is fantastic and welcome movement, and mtn deserves credit for it. 
believe this is their way of giving back, and it is positive step forward. 
Continue to purchase data and get points.

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