How to Check If A Domain or Site is Banned by Adsense

In search of an Adsense ban checker, for example? How to verify or check if a domain name or website has been banned by Adsense may be found here.

In order to understand why your domain or website may be blacklisted by Adsense, let’s first look at what Adsense is and how it works.

Bloggers can make money through Google Adsense, which is a well-known ad network. Google started this program in 2003 and it has since grown to be one of the most widely used advertising platforms on the internet.

Although, there are several other Ads networks such as Infolinks, Revenue Hits, PopAds, Adversal, Google Adsense was mostly preferred by many users. Google Adsense is a lucrative source of income for many bloggers who have been approved. This is good news for other Google Content sites such As youtube and others, as well as for bloggers.

Why Do Google Adsense Banned Domains or Websites?

Despite its advantages, Google Adsense has a number of restrictions and regulations that must be obeyed in order to prevent being banned. When it comes to breaking laws and regulations, Google is very strict with Adsense. To avoid purchasing a forbidden site, it is recommended to check domains and internet sites with Adsense banned checkers.

Some of the reasons why Adsense bans websites are listed below.

Using adult language and content, such as porn, drugs, gambling, and so on.
Obtaining traffic through unethical techniques
Editing the Adsense Code
For a variety of reasons, including disobeying Google’s rules and regulations.

How to Check Whether Your Domain or Website Has Been Suspended by Google Adsense

There are numerous internet programs that may verify or check whether or not an Adsense account is banned. Some of them are designed primarily to execute Adsense ban checks, while others perform other services such as verifying forbidden phrases.

The many tools that can be used to verify the Adsense ban are listed below.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools
    Rather than using a third-party Adsense ban checkers, you can use Google Webmaster Tool to do an Adsense ban check on your site or domain before purchasing. If everything is in order, your pages and websites must be indexed by Google, as should the crawl status.

In the event of an Adsense account ban, the website pages may not be indexed, and crawling may have ceased. This means that not only is your Adsense account suspended, but you may also be barred from appearing in Google search results. See How To Track AdSense Pin In Nigeria for more information.

  1. is one of the most prominent Adsense ban checkers, which bloggers use to determine whether their domain or website has been blacklisted by Google Adsense. It is simple to use and completely free. All you have to do is go to and type your domain name or phrases into the search field.

You can also filter the keywords or web pages based on your location and other criteria. If your Adsense account is active, the Adsense ban checker will display different adverts based on the terms or domains you’ve used. However, if the Adsense account has been suspended, there will be no information to display and the keywords or domain will be marked as non-existent. is a website to check.

  1. Check the Adsense Blacklist
    Another tool used by bloggers and other publications to verify or confirm Adsense bans is Adsense Blacklist Check. To see if your domain or website has been blacklisted by Adsense, simply go to the website and utilize the search box to look for your domain or website. This will inform you of the status of your Adsense account, whether it is banned or not.

You may also use Adsense Blacklist Check to see if your website pages have been blocked from Google Search.

4. Sandbox for Google Adsense
Have you heard about Google Adsense Sandbox, a famous Google Adsense blacklisted checker? It is one of the best tools for checking the status of your Adsense account. The application was created to help publishers manage their Adsense accounts.

To see if your domain or website has been blocked by Google Adsense, go to and enter your domain name or website URL to confirm. If your account is active, the tool will display different Adsense Ads; else, it will be blank. As a result, if it returns blank pages after checking, it indicates that your website has been prohibited by Google Adsense. is the Google Adsense Sandbox website.

  1. Fallisted Domain Check
    The Google Fallisted Domain Check is another way to see if your domain name or website has been banned by Google Adsense. The tool is similar to other Adsense ban checker programs, but the results are considerably different. If the Adsense account is active and in good standing, the Fallisted Domain Check tool will score a domain or website as ‘Clean.’ It will rate a website as ‘Adult’ if it is about adults, and ‘Not Good’ if the Adsense account has been prohibited.

Website for Checking Falsified Domains –

What should you do if Adsense has banned your website?

It is critical to perform an Adsense ban check before purchasing a new domain. We recommend that you obey Google Adsense laws and regulations to prevent being banned, as it is difficult to overturn a restriction once it has been imposed.

If you discover that your domain or website has been blacklisted by Google Adsense, you can try other advertising networks such as Infolinks (, Revenue Hits (, PopAds (, and Adversal ( (

Have you ever utilized any of the Adsense-banned checkers listed above? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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