How To Check Glo Number With Code 2022

How To Check Glo Number Code

Are you trying to figure out how to find out what your Glo phone number is? Do you realize that there are some things you should never ask someone to do for you? Yes, they do exist.

The reason I say this is because some of us like to ask people for simple codes like *135*8#, but Naijavista has made it easy for you to view this code and learn how to apply it without having to ask someone for help.

Today, you’ll learn how to check your Glo phone number using a USSD code and other methods. To do so, dial *135*8#.

Other than checking your Glo number with the SIM PACK, see what other methods you can use to see your Glo number. You might forget your SIM PACK at home, and we all know it’s impossible to have it with you anywhere you go or anytime you go out.

I’ll provide you with working methods to check your Glo cellphone number, and I’m confident you’ll find them helpful.

Six Method On How To Check Your Glo Number

  1. By looking through your Glo Sim packet.
  2. By making a phone call or sending a text message to a friend.
  3. By dialing the number “1244” on your phone.
  4. Using the Glo USSD code.
  5. Using the Official website
  6. With Glo App

How To Check Your Glo Number With USSD Code

Simply follow the simple steps outlined below to check your Glo number via USSD.

Pick up your phone and dial *135*8#, then hit the send button.
Your Glo mobile number will be displayed on your phone’s screen, and an SMS with the same number will be sent to your phone.

By Dialing 1244 On Your Phone

As a glo customer, there is just another wonderful option to check your phone number. All you have to do is dial 1244, and a programmed robot will spell out your phone number aloud.

NB: You will need to write down the digits that will be called out to you with a pen on paper or potentially another phone.

With SMS or Calling Another Phone

For individuals like myself who have misplaced their Glo Sim packs, the third alternative is to simply use your phone’s Glo line to call or text another number.

So, obtain a second phone and utilize your primary phone to make a call or send a quick text message to it. This will disclose your Glo phone number on the phone’s screen, which you may then copy.

Using Glo Official Website

To see your Glo mobile number on the Glo self-care website, follow these steps:


When the website loads, scroll down to see your Glo phone number in the format Welcome, 08071234568

If you’re using a computer, check to the right-hand side of your screen for the number.

Using Glo Mobile App

Glo subscribers will benefit from the Glo app, which is meant to provide seamless service.

The program also allows all Glo line customers to check their numbers at their leisure and without charge. Before you begin, make sure you have access to the internet:

Go to the app store on your phone, either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Enter ‘my Glo café’ in the search box.
Install the app and complete the registration form with proper information.

Your phone number will be immediately given to you.


That concludes today’s discussion on the How to check your Glo mobile phone number on your smartphone.

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