How to Check and Change Your NIN Date Of Birth on NIMC Online 2022

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)

How do I check my NIN birth date online?

The National Identity Number is another extremely important number that every Nigerian citizen should possess. Now, in a situation where one must verify the date of birth entered during registration, how should one proceed? The *346# USSD code could be used for this purpose. Alternately, you could visit the NIMC website at to verify your NIN birth date online.
You could also visit to check the birth date associated with your NIN online. You could also visit the NIN mobile application on your mobile device. You only need to connect your mobile phone to the Internet.

How do I modify my birth date on NIMC?

Typically, when registering for NIMC, several details must be entered. Some of these fields are modifiable, while others are not. Among the ones that can be modified are the following:
  • Your title
  • The date of your birth.
  • Your geographic coordinates (ES). telephone
  • number location of your birth (local government area and state).
  • Your Country of Origin (State, Town, or Village).
  • Your father’s Social Security number
  • The Origin of Your Father’s Town and Village
  • Your Mother’s Social Security Number
  • The City and Village of Origin for Your Mother, etc.
Other fields, however, cannot be edited. Among these are your gender, NIN, state of registration, LGA of registration, polling unit, tracking number, origination center, ID card number, and fingerprints.

You will be required to pay a fee of fifteen thousand nairas to update your date of birth (N15,000). Additionally, you would be asked to provide the following information:

  • The original copy of the NIN slip was supplied to you upon your initial registration.
  • The printout of the Remita Retrieval Reference Number that was provided by the bank after the payment was made.
  • You could also obtain a printout indicating whether or not the payment was completed online.
  • A letter of application signed by the individual requesting the modification.
  • The letter must explain why the specifics have changed.
The document that can support the proposed change to the form Thus, NIMC can determine the truth underlying the information or fresh information. Included among the documents cited to support the proposed modifications are the following:
  • A sworn declaration.
  • A newspaper clipping
  • A marriage certificate
Now, to initiate the process of data change or alteration, the applicant must adhere to the procedures indicated below;
Enter the location where you registered for the NIN. You may visit another enrollment facility if you so choose. In addition to your letter of application, you should also bring the supporting documentation for the proposed revisions.

You will subsequently be sent a form to make any necessary adjustments to your NIN information.

The changes to be made would be accessed by any NIMS official to check that the modifications performed to correspond to those contained in the backup document.

The enrollment officer would then enter the revised date of birth into the NIMC computer system.

Ensure that you double-check the entered information before the officer moves on to other tasks.

If you are satisfied with the information displayed on the screen, the officer will quickly take your information. Typically, the information includes your biometrics.

Upon completion of the enrollment process, you will be provided with a receipt for the transactions made.

If the modification affects the information contained on the second NIN slip, the NIMC officer would collect and keep the second slip.

You would be required to return in about five business days to receive verification of the modifications. Typically, the time required to make changes depends on the network at the time.
After the speculative period, you would receive a new slip with a new NIN attached.

To make the payment when you change your date of birth, please follow the steps below:

  • Visit to initiate the payment process.
  • Select the option to “Pay Bills”.

In the section that asks to whom you wish to make a payment, enter “National Identity Management Commission.”

  • Under the section for the service’s name, type “Correction of Birth Date.”
  • Enter the amount that must be paid.
  • Enter your complete name.
  • Enter your telephone number.
  • Mark the box that reads, “I am not a robot.” Before clicking the ‘Verify’ icon, you may be required to click certain images.
  • To complete the payment, click the “Submit” button.
  • Next, you will see the RRR page (Remita Retrieval Reference).
  • After printing the invoice, record the RRR.
  • Choose a method of payment that is acceptable to you. Typical payment options include cards, USSD, bank branches, internet banking, and wallets.
  • Click the “Pay” icon to complete the transaction.
  • Then, print the invoice for your transaction.

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