How to browse With airtime on Mtn

Have you run out of data on your mtn line and want to know how to use airtime to browse? Find out how to accomplish it right here in this blog post. Let’s get started, it’s simple and straight forward.

The mtn pay-as-you-go service enables you to use your airtime to access the internet (PAYG). Using your mtn phone’s airtime or credit, you can use this service to access the internet.

This is a lifesaver when you need to check something vital online or want to stay in touch with loved ones but don’t have access to enough data.

The Mtn pay-as-you-go rate

You’ll pay N3/MB to browse the internet with mtn pay as you go. There are no additional fees or membership charges for using a megabyte of data; instead, you are charged 3 naira per megabyte.

Customers of MTN who do not have an active data plan or who have exhausted their current one can use the pay-as-you-go service.

Here we go: Let’s dig right into the code so that we can surf with credit on MTN.

How to browse with airtime on mtn

On your mtn, dial 131200# or send RESET to 131 via text message to activate, opt in, or browse with airtime. A pop-up message will appear on your screen to inform you that you have successfully activated the N3/MB mtn pay as you go service.

When this service is activated, it is completely free of charge, and any time you do not have an active data plan, you will be charged from your airtime primary balance for access to the internet.

What do you think? Mtn Pay As You Go is a great service, especially now that’sapa’ has taken hold of everyone. With this service, you can make the most of the limited airtime you have to stay in touch with loved ones and visit data-light websites.

Even if you run out of data, this pay-as-you-go service will remain operational; however, if you wish to stop browsing with your airtime, you can cancel or deactivate it.


Short-term browsing with mtn airtime can be very advantageous, but long-term it isn’t, but for the time-being you can activate it and use the internet till you have enough airtime to purchase data.

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