How to browse With airtime on Glo

How to browse With airtime on Glo: Would you like to know how to use Glo’s airtime to browse? Using Glo’s airtime to browse the web without a data plan subscription is easy with the help of this guide. Data plans are often less expensive, but you may need this knowledge to get yourself out of a jam.

Glo lets customers choose between using airtime or a data plan to browse the web. In order to learn how you can access the internet with airtime on Glo, you don’t need to do anything. Have you ever seen a notification like this when your data plan is about to expire?

“Dear customer, your data plan is about to expire. After that, your data usage is a FLEXI rate of just N1/MB. Use it however you want. To purchase another data plan, visit or call *777#”

If you don’t have an active data plan and need to use the internet on the Glo network, this message explains what will happen: N1 per MB of internet usage is deducted from your airtime bill.

Steps On How To Browse With Airtime On Glo.

Globacom offers a wide range of mobile data rates, all of which are extremely cost-effective. Even if you don’t want to use any of these services, you can still browse on Glo using your airtime if you wish.

Make sure you don’t have an active data plan and that your line will browse from your airtime if you want to browse on Glo with airtime. All Glo lines have this feature enabled by default. Once you’ve purchased airtime, you may begin browsing. A N1 per MB rate of search is applied in this case.

Make sure you use up all of your data first, as browsing and other internet usage will be deducted from this. However, Glo Flexi steps in and deducts your internet costs from your talk time after your data plan expires or is used up.

All Glo SIM cards are supported, including GPRS, EDGE, 3G, and 4G networks.

Glo will notify you through text message how much credit has been deducted from your Glo account at the conclusion of each internet session. Remember that N1 per MB is the cost of using this method of browsing.

That’s all you need to know about using glo airtime to surf the web: it’s a breeze. You’ll have a great time! To save money on the internet, dial *777# or visit to get a data plan. If you’d like to discontinue using Airtime on Glo to browse the web, go to this page to do so.

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