Go Screen: Android Phone Symbols and Their Meaning

Nowadays, many new phones come with different Android phone symbols on the status bar at the top of the screen.

You may be perplexed by the icons on your Android phone if you’ve only recently started using it.

In any case, don’t worry; this article will teach you all the Android phone symbols and their meanings.

List Of Mobile Phone Symbols And Their Meanings

Airplane Mode

This is one of the Android phone icons at the top of your screen that looks like a plane. You will be unable to communicate with anyone on your phone if this icon is activated. This includes receiving calls, texts, or files from another device as well as sending files to that device.


Once activated, this icon indicates that your phone is now linked to a network outside of the country you’re currently in. Connecting to the internet is the primary purpose of this app. The stronger the Internet connection, the higher the bar.


This is a small torch Android phone icon at the top of your screen that you may use to turn on the light on your phone.


This also permits the connection of your Android phones to other nearby devices. Devices such as phones, headsets, and automobile stereos are just a few examples. When not in use, you should switch it off to avoid draining your battery.

Do not disturb

This is also one of the Android phone’s top-of-screen icons. As the name says, it avoids any disruptions caused by your phones when active. More akin to setting your phone to silent mode. Even if you receive a call, you will not hear the ringtone. It is most frequently used when observing a siesta, during a meeting or interview.


This indicates that your phone is updating its data or looking for additional information.


This is another Android phone icon that appears at the top of the screen. It can be used to share mobile data over WiFi with other devices. The hotspot is password-protected to ensure the security of your data. You can tap on the icon to discover how to do so in further detail.


When GPS is enabled, it enables your phone to establish a connection with your physical position. If it is turned on, it indicates that an app is running and requires activation.

Internet connection

This is your mobile data use. It may bring 3G, 4G, or even H+ speeds, depending on your phone network band.


This icon allows you to configure and execute any other function on your phone.

Data Saver

This is also one of the Android phone symbols, and when engaged, it assists in data saving.

Auto-Rotation and Portrait Icon

This symbol serves two purposes. It can be used to rotate your phone in order to create a larger screen and also to restore it to its original portrait orientation.


It displays the percentage and state of charge of your battery. Additionally, this is where you can check to see if your phone is charging.

With the symbols explained above, you should now be able to use them efficiently.

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