Glo Yakata Vs Glo Berekete – All You Need To Know

How does Glo BEREKETE’s Tarrif Plan work?

Glo Yakata Glo Berekete: Glo’s BEREKETE Tariff Plan is a prepaid tariff designed to reward customers who recharge their Glo lines with a minimum of N100 with great voice and internet advantages.

How is Glo YAKATA’s Tarrif Plan structured?

Glo’s YAKATA Tariff Plan is a prepaid plan that rewards its consumers with incredible data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. Customers can use the same recharge to cover both their browsing and talking requirements with this package.

Difference Between Glo BEREKETE Tariff Plan & Glo YAKATA Tariff Plan.

When comparing their descriptions, you’ll see that they are identical, which is why the debate arose about their discrepancies. Using questions and answers, we’ve outlined the differences between the two plans.

Who can participate in Glo BEREKETE Glo YAKATA?

Glo BEREKETE Tariff Plan is available to all new and existing prepaid users, whilst Glo YAKATA Tariff Plan is exclusively available to newly activated prepaid customers.

What are the advantages of Glo BEREKETE and Glo YAKATA?

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Glo BEREKETE Tarrif Plan

Welcome bonus of N600 is available to all new subscribers who activate their SIM, register their SIM and recharge N100, and make the first call.
In addition, you’ll get a 700 percent bonus on every recharge you make to call any network or use the Internet in anyway.

There is also a 150 percent data incentive for 4 months on the first recharge of the month (5 GB free).

For the next four months, you get a 100% bonus on any data plan you purchase. Only new customers are eligible for this offer.

Glo Yakata Tarrif Plan

You’ll receive a staggering 6GB of data every month for six months!

With every N100 recharge, you’ll get 2,200 percent (or 22 times the value) more minutes to call any network.

How much do calls on Glo BEREKETE and YAKATA cost?

Glo BEREKETE charges 36k/sec for calls made from the regular account balance and 77k/sec for calls made from the voice bonus account.

When using Glo YAKATA, calls are charged at 70k/sec from both the primary account and the secondary account. The primary account charges N4/msg, but the bonus account charges N20/msg.

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Similarities Between Glo BEREKETE Tariff Plan & Glo YAKATA Tariff Plan

Below are some similarities between the two plans which I also used questions and answers to draw out.

What if I have an active data plan prior to recharging?

Your bonus data will be added to the volume of data you already have, and the longer validity period will take precedence. For example, if you currently have a 2GB data plan with a 30-day validity and you recharge with N200, you’ll get an extra 80MB of data, bringing your new data balance to 2.08GB with the same 30-day validity.

How can I determine whether I received the BEREKETE or YAKATA bonuses?

After each recharge, you will receive a confirmation message on your phone, but if you do not receive one, dial 2301#.

If I recharge with Glo e-Top Up, will I receive YAKATA benefits?

YES, both programs are accessible on both physical and electronic recharge platforms.

What if I don’t use all of my BEREKETE or YAKATA Bonuses within the Validation Days?

If a recharge is not made within the 7-day bonus validity period, an unused bonus cannot be rolled over to the other plan.

How do I allow another Glo customer to use BEREKETE or YAKATA bonuses I’ve earned?

No, the bonus account value cannot be shared or transferred between the two plans.

Can my BEREKETE or YAKATA bonuses be accumulated?

Yes, every recharge you make under both plans will contribute to your bonus airtime balance.

What’s the deal with the Glo BEREKETE and Glo YAKATA?

No, both are tariff plans, and customers will continue to enjoy the benefits of their plans for as long as they are still eligible for those plans.

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