Glo Yakata Data Plan Code, Bundle & How To Migrate

The Glo Yakata data plan comes with so many benefits that if you’re on the GLO network and haven’t tried the Yakata bundles yet, you’re missing out.

Here’s all you need to know about the Glo Yakata bundle, including the subscription code, call prices, and 6GB of free data. Before we get into the advantages of this tariff, how to migrate and activate Yakata, and so on, I think it’s vital to first understand what Glo Yakata is.

What does Glo’s YAKATA Prepaid Plan entail?

Glo Yakata Prepaid plan is a bundle designed by this giant telecommunications to reward users with incredible internet and voice benefits whenever they recharge their Glo lines. This means that the Glo yakata is available to anyone who is actively recharging their phone or purchasing data bundles.

It’s also worth noting that all new Glo prepaid users will automatically receive Glo Yakata data plans once their lines are activated, eliminating the need to move or dial a special migration code. This is the ideal time to purchase a glo sim card, register it, and begin taking advantage of this bundle to its full potential.

glo yakata plan

Glo Yakata migration code

However, there is excellent news for existing clients! Globacomm has made it possible for all existing customers to enjoy the Yakata package.

Customers who already have a Glo package can easily switch to the Glo Yakata plan by dialing *230#. If you’re purchasing or registering a new SIM card, though, you’ll be on Glo Yakata by default.

This service comes with a slew of terrific and amazing perks, as well as incredible deals. The Glo yakata has a lot of voice and data features. When you acquire a Glo SIM, you get up to 6GB of data each month for six months (for a total of 36GB of data), as well as a 2,200% discount on every N100 recharge to call any network in Nigeria. (Yes, you can call your friends on MTN, 9Mobile, and Airtel using the glo yakata bonus.)

The call rates are another advantage of this fantastic tariff plan. In the Yakata plan, calling other glo customers and other networks is cheap. To be honest, while using the incentives to call other networks like MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile, the Yakata pricing is a tad pricey when compared to other Glo packages and tariff plans.

Benefits, Bonuses, and Balances of Glo Yakata

On the Glo Yakata prepaid data plan, you’ll get an airtime bonus and a data bonus for every recharge you make.

You earn a 2,200 percent value for every N100 you top up. This is what it entails. You will receive a 2,200 percent additional value when you recharge/load N100 on your Glo Simcard (which is N2,200).

If you recharge N200, you will receive a bonus of N4,400. You will get 5 Account balance after your recharge.

Here’s a summary of all five accounts and how the 2,200 percent bonus is distributed:

  • Main balance: The amount of your main recharge.
  • Bonus Account (Voice): This account receives an additional 350% of your recharge.
  • Data Value: You can use 175 percent of your top-up to browse the internet00.
    The month’s first recharge Benefits of data: 50MB with a N100 top-up and 2.5GB with a N5000 top-up.

PLEASE NOTE: For the first six (6) months, you will only receive the data advantage on the first recharge of the month. All bonuses have a 7-day validity period, although there is an exemption if you already have a data bundle on your Simcard. The validity period of the existing data plan is assumed by the Glo YAKATA data bonus.

All of these advantages are available to you while surfing on the Glo YAKATA prepaid plan.

For the first six months, you’ll get a maximum of 6GB of free data every month.
Every N100 recharge earns you a 2,200 percent airtime bonus to call all networks.
The Yakata tariff plan voice bonus can be accumulated and utilized to contact other networks. The more you recharge, the more call voice value you gain.
You will receive a unique data bonus of 2.5 times the standard data offer on this Yakata plan, but the first recharge of the month MUST be at least N200.
The bonus will be active for seven days.

Recharge Amount (N)Main Acct All-Net (N)Bonus Acct On-Net Voice Benefit  (N)Bonus Acct All-Net Voice Benefit  (N)Data Benefit (MB)Social Data Benefit* (MB)Data Benefit on 1st recharge of the month (MB)

How to Unsubscribe from Glo Yakata plans

It is completely free to cancel your Glo YAKATA plan. Simply dial *220# to unsubscribe. Please note that if you choose to migrate back to the Yakata tariff after unsubscribing from this plan during the same month, you will be charged N100 each migration.

Take note that these glo Yakata perks will appear on your Sim account balance (voice and data balance) when you buy airtime from your bank, atm, or other retailer. These advantages are available on both physical and electronic recharging systems.

Checking your Glo Yakata Bonus

It’s simple to check your data and voice bonus on this tariff plan. A confirmation message (SMS) will be delivered to your phone after each successful recharge. If you didn’t receive any confirmation messages for some reason, use the USSD code below to check your Yakata bonus.

Dial the USSD code *230*1# to see your Glo Yakata bonus.

What is Glo Yakata Bonus Validity

Every recharge bonus is valid for 7 days.

Call Rates for GLO YAKATA

When you use the Glo yakata to call another glo number or any network, you will be charged as follows. When making calls, you should be aware that your voice bonus account will be charged first, followed by your main account. Although you cannot use the bonus to make international calls or pay for any additional services. Your main account balance will be charged if you make an international call or pay for any additional services.

  • This Glo YAKATA tariff plan has a call rate of 55kobo per second, which works out to N33 per minute.
  • Calls to other networks are charged at a rate of 70 kobo per second, or N42 per minute.
  • On the main account, SMS rates are N4 each message; however, if you use the bonus account, you will be charged N14 per message.

How To Migrate To GLO Yakata

If you’re looking to migrate to the glo Yakata tariff plan, this is the best working guide I can offer you.

  • Dial *230# to become a Glo Yakata subscriber. Before dialing the migration code, make sure you’re already on the plan by dialing *100# on your Glo phone.
  • To find out what benefits are available to you, dial *230*1#. You will receive confirmation messages after every successful recharge.

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