Glo Unlimited Free 150GB Browsing Cheat 2022 Code

Hey guys welcome to ghanamob where we give you hot update on how you can be more better every day we provide genuine information and we are proud of that today I’ll be sharing with you how to activate the glo freebrowsing cheat in 2022 and enjoy up-to 150Gb free data.

The interesting part of this cheat is that you don’t need a vpn and your data will not be limited you enjoy it unlimited.

This particular free browsing trick has been sold by alot of people but we decide to dash it out for free to our readers.

Please Note: Once Glo network detected the ISP that supplies the cheat. It will stop working, So act fast now to enjoy it.

How To Activate Glo Unlimited Free Calls 2022

A Quick one I know you’re here for the freebrowsing cheat but let me also give you this as a bonus how to make unlimited calls on Glo and it can call any network free of charge follow the instructions below.

This Glo call cheat select SIM but for you to be on a safer side find an Old Glo Line.

After getting the SIM card on your phone Add 042 to the front of the number you want to call and remove the first 0 from the number.

For example, I want to call 08012345678 then dail 0428012345678 then send remember not to put space in between the numbers.

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Requirements

If you want to browse unlimited on Glo for free here are what you will need and it’s as follows:

2 Glo Sim cards



N200 Airtime (at least)

2 Hours or more of your time.

Activating The Glo Unlimited Free Data 150GB for Browsing in 2022

Now This Is where are going, the ISP is still working as at the time of posting this article so enjoy before it get blocked.

Get the Two Glo Sim Card, The first must be on Glo yakata. Dial *230# to migrate if not in Glo yakata, Load your N200 airtime or above.

After that, Subscribe to N200 Data plan (Yakata gives 250MB instead of 50MB for 1st month of recharge), Now all the 250MB will be on your SIM, after 2 hours or exactly 2 hours.

After receiving the 250Mb send the data to your second Glo Sim by dialing *127*01* friend phone number# to share.

Having followed the above instructions carefully you will be able to browse unlimitedly free with the second Sim you shared data to, The 250MB data plan will not be touched.

Remember you are subbed to 24 hours plan. So after that it will expire. So choose more plans like 7 days to enjoy more.

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