Glo Night Plan Code Subscriptions 2022

Glo Night Plan Code

Glo’s night browsing plan is no exception to this even with the amazing data offers they provide. After flexing their regular data plans, you can still flex and enjoy their midnight browsing plans by using the code they provide. Tell me if glo isn’t incredible.

Everyone has, at some point, opted in for the glo night browsing plan, regardless of whether or not they are now subscribed to a regular internet service plan. In addition to allowing you to preserve your usual data, Glo night sub may also be used to download large files and documents at an extremely fast rate.

Yes! Because the speed is normally fast, especially at night when the network is not overloaded, you will be able to stream and download without experiencing any difficulties during that time period.

I highly recommend this glo night plan code to anyone who finds themselves browsing until the wee hours of the morning or who has large files to stream or download. It’s very affordable, you pay less and receive more, tell me what could be better than that?

Airtel Night browsing

Keep your eyes open and make sure your electricity is stable during that nocturnal period if your phone or PC battery is not reliable in order to avoid rain drops (tears) hehe.

Glo midnight plan, in contrast to other telecom providers, offers a wide range of night and weekend packages from which you can choose the code that best meets your needs and budget, and they are all reasonably priced. So in this post, we’ll show you how to activate the Glo Night Plan so that you may enjoy low-cost midnight streaming, browsing, and downloading with your glo sim.

Glo Weekend & Night Plan

This weekend and night plan package for Glo consists of;

N25 – 250MB (12am – 5am)

N50 – 500MB (12am – 5am)

N100 – 1GB for 5 Days (12am – 5am)

N200 – 1.25GB for 1 Day (SUN)

N500 – 3GB 2 DAYS (SAT – SUN)

The glo night plan codes are listed below, along with their descriptions, prices, validity periods, and codes. You can sign up for any data plan that you find appealing by entering the glo night plan code when prompted.

N25 Plan for Glo Night Plan

The glo 25 naira night surfing plan is a basic night browsing package that provides 250mb of data. This plan is appropriate if you are not downloading large files or if you do not have much to do on the internet. With just N25, you may get 250mb of online storage space to browse, download, and stream your favorite songs and movies.

Changing Glo Transfer Pin

This glo night subscription is only available between the hours of 12am and 5am, and all leftover utilized data will be removed after 5am. For those who are constantly on the internet till midnight, this plan can save you money by allowing you to use less of your standard data allowance.

Just dial * 777 * 1 * 2 * 7 * 1 # to activate this plan.

Code For Glo 25 naira night plan

To activate the glo 25 naira night browsing plan and get 250mb of data to browse, download, or watch your favorite songs or movies online, simply dial *777# to activate the night browsing plan on your phone.

Choose Option 1 – Purchase Data
Choose Option 1 – Purchase a Data Plan
Choose option 1 or 2 – automatic renewal or one-time payment.
Choose 7 – Plans for the Night and Weekend
Choose 1 – N25 for 250mb of data. 1 Day (12 a.m. to 5 a.m.)

It will be activated at 12 a.m. on the day you subscribed and will expire at 5 a.m. on the following day.

Glo 50 naira night plan code

With just 50 naira, you can receive a total of 500mb of internet space to use as you choose. This data is neither too large nor too small, but it can be useful if you put it to good use. You must have at least 50 naira in your airtime balance in order to use the night plan on Glo.

In this case, you can choose the night plan and still be able to browse the internet, talk with friends, and make additional downloads while you are doing your downloading. It is valid from 12am – 5am and cannot be carried over to the following day or subscription. It is non-transferable.
Just dial * 777 * 1 * 2 * 7 * 2 # to activate this plan directly.

Transfer Airtime On Glo

Code To subscribe For 100 Naira Glo night plan

In terms of data plans, Glo knows how to provide their clients with the most competitive prices possible. This glo night plan for 100 naira demonstrates that Glo has shown to be the “grand lords” of data and is still one step ahead of their competitors.

Other glo night subscriptions provide you with a measly 1gb of data, which is good for 5 nights starting on the day you subscribe, as opposed to the 100 naira glo night subscription.

Until it expires after 5 nights, you can continue to flex your remaining unused data the following night, starting from 12am – 5am as usual.

If you use up all of your night plans before the expiration date, you can still renew them. You should choose this glo night plan for 100 if you are constantly online until the wee hours of the morning.

This night plan is valid for 5 nights, so you won’t have to subscribe to it every night using the code. You’ll be able to use it until it expires or runs out of credit. A minimum of 100 naira must be in your airtime account balance in order to use the night plan on Glo.

Just dial * 777 * 1 * 2 * 7 * 3 # to subscribe to this 100 for 1Gb glo night plan

Glo weekend data plan

Glo night browsing includes additional “weekend plan” options in addition to the standard functions. With the glo weekend browsing plans, you can unwind after a long and stressful week and enjoy a fantastic weekend packed with exciting adventures on the internet.

Moreover, guess what? It is very reasonably priced, and unlike the light night browsing plan, this weekend plan can be utilized at any time of day or night till it expires. Relax and flex this weekend by participating in any of the colorful weekend activities listed below:

Glo Unlimited freebrowsing code

Glo 500 weekend plan

This weekend, you can securely spend 500 naira and have a good time playing about on the internet. This weekend, you’ll have an a** ton of storage space to browse, stream, and download everything you want.

With this package, you may now stream all of those high-definition videos and play online high-definition games without any worries, haha. This plan is valid from 11:59 p.m. on Friday to 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, for a total of two days of enjoyment.

The remaining unused data from this weekend plan can be used throughout the weekdays from 12am to 5am, which is from Monday to Friday, 12am – 5am, except holidays and weekends.

How To Activate Glo 200 for 1.2gb weekend plan

Glo continually explores innovative ways to keep data costs as low as possible for its customers. This glo weekend package for 200 gets you 1.25gb of data that can be utilized from 12am on Sunday to 11:59pm on the same day the following Sunday. That is only valid for one day, and it will expire at 11:59pm on Sunday. Any unused data will be removed, so make sure you use up all of your data before then.

The glo night plan code listed below can be used to subscribe to any of the above weekend or glo midnight plans. Before you can activate a subscription, you must first ensure that you have the required amount of the particular one you wish to subscribe to.

Code To Activate the glo night plan

For the glo night and weekend browsing plans, you must have the minimum amount of the night or weekend plan you wish to subscribe to, as well as your glo sim, in order to subscribe using the code provided below.

Enter the code *777# and press the send/ok button. A menu will be provided, and you will be given the option to choose from it. Follow the steps stated to determine what to choose.

Choose Option 1 – Purchase Data
Choose Option 1 – Purchase a Data Plan
Choose option 1 or 2 – automatic renewal or one-time payment.
Choose 7 – Plans for the Night and Weekend
Then choose any Night or Weekend Plan that you desire, and then click on “send” or “ok.”

Within seconds, you’ll receive a message verifying the activation of the night or weekend package you selected for your convenience. The plan will be activated and can be utilized as soon as it reaches the end of its validity period. That’s how to make your night plan on glo come to life.

That’s all, I hope you can get or activate the glo night plan on your sim, if this article helps kindly share on Facebook and Twitter.

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