Get Glo N1000 For 4GB Data Plan Code 2022

Is it possible to buy 4GB of data on Glo for 1000 Naira? You know, as the grand masters of data, glo has a reputation for offering some of the best data plans in the country, so today we’ll see if the Glo data plan 1000 for 4GB is still available.

You’ll note that Nigeria’s telecom companies have recently stepped up their game when it comes to data offerings. They’ve recently begun offering fantastic data plans and bonuses to their clients. If you’re a regular reader and follower of our blog, you’re probably already aware that the airtel 1000 for 4gb and the mtn 1000 for 4gb are two of the most popular data plans in the country right now.

However, we can’t discuss the most popular data plans without including glo. When it comes to giving the best data plans, the Glo network has always been on top. With that said, let’s see what the data’s grand masters have planned for us. Do they have the same data offers as the other companies? Or do they have something far better for us? When it comes to data, you can always count on glo to deliver! So, let’s see what we can find out.

Glo data plan 1000 for 4gb code

*777# > Buy data > monthly data plans was the code for the glo data plan 1000 for 4gb at first. If you dial that code, though, you will notice certain changes to those data plans.

What I’m trying to convey is that there is no glo 1000 naira for 4gb at the time of writing this post. Glo subscribers have been enjoying this data plan until it was slashed.

The monthly data plans that are currently available on glo are given below;

  • 2.9GB – N1,000
  • 4.1GB – N1,500
  • 5.8GB – N2,000
  • 7.7GB – N2,500
  • 11GB – N3,000
  • 15GB – N4,000
  • 22GB – N5,000
  • 29.5GB – N8,000
  • 50GB – N10,000
  • 93GB – N15,000
  • 119GB – N18,000
  • 138GB – N20,000

The plans listed above are good for 30 days (1 month).

On glo, dial *777# > to activate any of the above monthly data plans. Select 1 (Data) > Select 1 (Buy Data Plan) > Select 1 or 2 (Auto-Renew or One-Time) > Select 2 (Monthly Plans) > Then choose any of the monthly data plans that interest you.

These plans are really appealing; you get a lot of bang for your buck. This plan is ideal for heavy data users who do not want to waste money on data each month. These data plans will undoubtedly last you a long time.

If you don’t finish it within 30 days, you can renew the data plan before it expires, and the unfinished/unused data will be transferred to the newly activated data plan.

To check your remaining data balance, dial 1270# and you will be given the details of your remaining data balance.

For additional information about glo data plans, including the mini, mega, special, social, night, and weekend plans, dial *777# or go to glo data plans.

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