Glo infinito Plan: How To Migrate To This Plan And The Benefits

Glo infinito is an additional prepaid pricing package available on the glo network. This pricing package is available to both new and existing glo users. There are no hidden constraints or daily rental or access fees associated with this offer. Due to the fact that Glo is a Nigerian-owned telecommunications company with a fundamental grasp of what Nigerians desire, Globacom built the Glo Infinito as a cost-effective prepaid plan with low rates to all networks and the lowest rates to family, friends, and colleagues’ numbers.

Charges On Glo Infinito

From the very first second to the very last second of your call, Glo Infinito will charge you a flat rate of 22K/s to contact all networks in Nigeria.

You will be charged at the rate of 11k/s for family and friend registered numbers. This implies that you have the option of dialing 10 numbers from your family and friends list.

You will be charged N4 each SMS for on-net and off-net SMS, while international SMS will cost you N35 per SMS.

Migration Codes

To take advantage of this pricing plan, just call 1009*2# for both existing and new clients.

Please keep in mind that you are only eligible for one free migration within 30 days to any tariff plan of your choosing. Subsequent migrations within 30 days will be charged at a rate of N100.

List of Glo Call Tariff Plans and Migration Code (Updated for 2022)

Registration For Family And Friends

You may register up to ten Glo numbers as your family and friends list, which you can call at the 11k/s rate. To register a phone number, dial 1011*Mobile Number#, for example, *101108051234567#.

To edit or update a mobile number, call 1012Existing Mobile NumberNew Mobile Number#, that is, 10120805123456708071234567#. To erase a registered friend or family member’s phone number, dial 1013*Mobile No#, that is, *101308071234567#.

Additionally, although initial registration is free, future revisions will cost N50 each alteration.

The Advantages Of Glo Infinito

Glo infinito provides discounted prices on both on- and off-net calls.
Glo Infinito provides very low call rates on the network’s first ten registered lines.

Glo infinito gives you access to a variety of Biggy Packs. To take advantage of the Biggy packs, call 1701# at a rate of N100 to get N260, 1702# at a rate of N300 to obtain N800, and 1703# at a rate of N500 to obtain N1,660.

All Glo prepaid subscribers have the option to move to Glo infinito at any moment.

Glo infinito is not a limited-time promotion; it has no expiration date.
The first ten numbers you register in your friends and family list are free.

With the features included in the Glo infinito pricing plan, Globacom is prepared to provide the very best Telecoms service to her consumers. Have a wonderful time while you use these services.

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