Glo gbam tariff plan: Charges, How to migrate + Benefits

Glo Gbam: Everyone needs a tariff bundle that includes some fantastic perks such as calling for as little as 11k to some special GLO lines, 5mb of data per day for internet surfing, and 18k/sec to all networks. Still as elegant as Glo Gbam Xtra and Gbam plus, and comfort is found in the knowledge that one is not limited to a single option.

This plan continues to be one of the most intriguing prepaid options available on the Globacom network.

Glo gbam pricing plan is a tariff plan that entitles you to unbeatable prices while calling any network in Nigeria, as well as other interesting features. Glo gbam is sometimes referred to as Glo Gbam 5ive.

We will discuss the advantages of Glo gbam for clients, the charge rates, and how to move to the Glo gbam prepaid plan in this brief and clear essay.

The advantages of the Glo Gbam pricing package.

Take advantage of free data that enables you to check your email, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among other things.

When you call five registered Glo lines, your call rate can be as low as 11 kobos per second.

18k/sec to all Nigerian networks with Glo’s gbam price package.

Every 30 days, you can migrate to the plan or to any other tariff plan for free.

Additionally, you will be able to subscribe to additional Glo services, such as data plans.

Charges associated with the Glo gbam tariff plan

As we previously said in popular blogs such as Glo Infinito pricing plan, Glo Jollific8, and Glo yakata. It is critical to do the same with the Glo Gbam price plan, since it is still one of the most widely utilized in Nigeria.

As previously stated, with Glo gbam, you may take advantage of the greatest tariff options available to customers who have already switched to the plan. Calls to five family members and friends, all of whom must have glo numbers, will be charged at a rate of 11k per second. On-net and off-net calls will be charged at the same rate of 18k. To make use of this fantastic package, a daily rental charge of N5 will be debited from your Glo account.

If your account balance falls below N5, the daily access charge will not be deducted and you will lose out on the daily 5mb data giveaway.

SMS rate on Glo gbam To any network, Hi 5ive costs N4, while international SMS costs N35.

Analysis of Glo gbam call rates.

To put it simply, if you contact your five registered F & F on Glo gbam hi 5ive, you will be charged 0.11k every 60-second call.

Calls to any network in Nigeria cost 0.18k per second, and a minute-long conversation costs 10.8. With only N102.2 in your account, you may make nine minutes of calls to any network, while calls to friends and family (F & F) may earn you additional minutes once the daily access cost is reduced.

This package is still one of the finest tariff plans available on the Glo gbam bundle, however it falls short of the Glo gbam plus 11/k tariff plan. What differentiates Glo gbam from Glo gbam + (11/k pricing) is that you will get 5mb of free bandwidth to explore the internet.

How to switch to Glo’s prepaid gbam plan

Migrating takes merely a few seconds and is available to all prepaid users.

  • To migrate to the Glo gbam tariff plan, dial *100*5*1#.
  • Migrating to the plan is free unless you have already utilized your 30-day lifeline.

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How to discontinue or migrate from Glo’s gbam tariff plan

To exit Glo gbam, just make use of the migration code of your choosing from the available choices on Glo. There is something for everyone; whether you are a data nerd or a lengthy caller, all you need to do is discover what works best for you.

Glo jollific8, Glo infinito, Glo Yakata, Glo gbam plus 11k Prepaid Plan, and Glo xtra are all included in the Glo network’s pricing options.

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