Glo Free Tomorrow: How To Migrate & Bonus Code

Glo For Free Tomorrow is a new glo call tariff plan promo that offers all Glo prepaid users 100 percent free airtime daily to browse, make calls, and send SMS to any network in Nigeria or abroad. Any amount you spend TODAY as a GLO customer is refunded FREE TOMORROW for browsing, making calls, and sending SMS to ANY network. It is without a doubt a promotional airtime and data plan on Glo Nigeria.

Who is eligible for the GloFree Tomorrow plan?

All new and current Glo prepaid customers.

Glo gbam tariff plan: Charges, How to migrate + Benefits

How Am I Going To Switch To Glo Free Call Tomorrow?

Simply dial *300# to register for tomorrow’s free Glo call.

Is there a cost associated with Glo Free Tomorrow?

No, it is completely free and without strings attached.

What will tomorrow’s call rate for Glo free be?

The plan’s call rate is 22k/sec.

When will the promo balance be applied to my line?

The subscriber’s Free Tomorrow promo account will be credited at 00:01, the day after usage from the subscriber’s Main account.

How will subscribers check their Glo free bonus balance for tomorrow?

Alternatively, you can check your free tomorrow balance by dialing #122*8#.

How Long Is The Glo Free Airtime Promotion Valid?

Daily bonus expires at exactly 23:59.

If I have airtime on my Main account, which of my accounts gets charged first?

The New Glo Free Tomorrow account will be charged on all calls prior to the main account being charged. The main account will be charged once the bonus account has been completely depleted for the day.

Will I receive free airtime the next day if my Free Tomorrow bonus account is already credited?

No, you must deplete the credit in your Free Tomorrow bonus account and replenish it with funds from your Main account in order to receive the bonus the following day.

You will be left with nothing to do! Once you have successfully migrated to the Glo Free Tomorrow plan, all calls to the USA, UK landlines, Canada, China, and India will be charged at a rate of 22k/s.

Can existing Glo customers can opt in to the Glo Free Tomorrow plan?

Without a doubt, YES. Existing customers may participate in this special promotion. All you have to do is dial *300#.

Will new Glo subscribers automatically receive this tariff and benefits?

Your response is negative. To take advantage of Glo Free Tomorrow, both new and existing subscribers must port by dialing *300#.

How Do I Terminate Or Deactivate Glo Free Tomorrow?

To deactivate Glo for free the following day, simply dial *301#. While dialing this code, you are able to take advantage of the daily free airtime and are migrated to the Glo network’s default plan, Glo Infinito, which allows you to contact 10 commonly called numbers at 11k/s and all networks at 20k/s.

For additional information, please visit Glo Nigeria’s official website at

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