Glo Bounce: How To Migrate To This Plan And All You Need To Know

Glo Bounce Package is one of the most affordable tariffs available on the Glo network. It provides the most affordable and cheap flat rate tariffs to all networks, as well as endless and unmatched value that no other network can match. In this review, we’ll examine all of the package’s perks and also reveal some of the package’s hidden gems.

All You Need To Know About The Glo Bounce Package

Simply dial *170*4# and when asked for the confirmation press 1.

Call Rates On Glo Bounce Subscription

On Glo Bounce, you may call for as little as 11k/s, but only to friends or family members who also have the Glo Bounce package.

Calls to other Glo users who do not subscribe to the Glo Bounce plan are charged at a flat rate of 15k/s.

This basically implies that you will be charged N6.6 per minute for calls to other Glo Bounce customers and N9 per minute for calls to other Glo subscribers not on the Glo bounce plan and other networks.

Additionally, there is a campus zone pricing that allows residents of campus zones or tertiary institutions to call for a fixed cost of 11k/s to any Glo customers, regardless of whether they are on the package, and 15k/s to other networks. Your first minute each day will be charged at a rate of 40k/s.

To sign up for this service, dial *1709#.

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All Benefits On The Glo Bounce Plan

SMS Tariff

SMS to other Glo Bounce users costs N3, whereas SMS to other Glo subscribers who are not on the Glo Bounce bundle or on other networks costs N4.

Unlimited Free SMS

Do not get excessively thrilled by this; you are only entitled to one free SMS after being paid for one. As a result, you get one free SMS for every SMS for which you are charged.

Data Plan

Each N200 recharge within 7 days includes 15MB of data. The 15MB data is only valid for two days after the date of receipt.

After 7 days, you are not entitled to additional 15MB of data when you renew your N200.

Ring Back Tune for free

When you migrate to Glo Bounce, you get a free month-long ring back song. You will be charged proportionately in following months.

Every Recharge Card Comes With a Bonus

This advantage included in the Glo Bounce bundle is dubbed “generation G” and is designed for savvy men and women who desire extra on recharges. The proportion of additional bonus you’ll get is entirely dependent on the amount of money you recharge.

To take advantage of this perk and become a member of generation G, just call 1705#.


50% bonus on recharges of up to N100.
100% bonus on recharges of up to N200.
Bonus of 200 percent on recharges of N500 or more.

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