Femi Adebayo net worth & Biography

Today’s post is entirely dedicated to the talented Nollywood actor popularly known as Jelili. The biography of Femi Adebayo, his net worth, career, movies, awards, marriage, and children, as well as other information about the veteran actor, will suffice.

If you are familiar with Yoruba comedy films, you must have come across Femi Adebayo; he is one of the actors we love to include in our home videos due to his talent and comedic persona.

He is an embodiment of talent, and that cannot be disputed, as he began at a very young age as a child. Allow us to quickly provide you with some background information on Femi Adebayo.

Femi Adebayo Profile

Full Name:Femi Adebayo Lateef
Date of Birth:31st of December, 1972
Place of Birth:Lagos, Nigeria
State of Origin:Kwara State
Native language:Yoruba (Ilorin)
Education:University of Ilorin
Marital Status:Omotayo Sanusi (2016)
Occupation:Actor, director, producer and filmmaker
Net worth:$900,000

That is a brief overview of Femi Adebayo, but if you are interested in reading his complete biography and everything else about Femi Adebayo and his family, continue reading.

Femi Adebayo’s Biography

Femi Adebayo Lateef was born on December 31, 1972, into the Adebayo Salami family. He was born to entertain and was also born into a family of entertainers. Adebayo Salami, popularly known as Oga Bello, is one of the most renowned and pioneering Nollywood actors.

The Nigerian film industry has been fascinating as a result of this great family’s efforts. Femi Adebayo began acting at a very young age, owing to his father’s influence; he was well brought up and prepared for the game.

Femi Adebayo is an actor, film producer, director, and filmmaker, as well as a lawyer. He is a prolific thespian and a leader in his community and country.

Early Profile

As previously stated, Femi Adebayo was born in 1972 and is the son of Oga Bello, a living legend who is a highly intelligent and focused actor. Femi Lateef Adebayo first gained prominence when he starred in the 1996 Tade Ogidan film “Owo Blow.” Since then, he has appeared in a variety of Yoruba films.

He is from Kwara State in Nigeria’s south-western region and is a native of Ilorin, though he was raised in Lagos. He is fluent in Yoruba and English.

According to Femi, his father is his role model, stating that as a member of a polygamous family, his father ensures that all of his child gets an adequate education and graduate in their respective fields.


Adebayo made his acting debut in 1985, the same year he appeared in his father’s debut film, Ogun Ajaye.

Adebayo has appeared in a number of Nigerian films, winning four awards for Best Yoruba actor at the 17th African Film Awards, also known as Afro Hollywood, held at London’s Stratford Town Hall. He also won an award in the same category at the 2012 Nigerian Broadcasting Organization’s Best of Nollywood Awards.

Adebayo has a lengthy filmography, which includes Sonto Alapata, Wura Ati Fadaka, Ma Wobadan, and Buga. He is the Managing Director/CEO of the J-15 media network in Nigeria.

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