Code To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan in 2022

Code To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk

MTN Beta Talk is one of the greatest mtn call tariff plans, with incredible call and data benefits and bonuses. So, in this post, we’ll look at the code for migrating to mtn beta talk and enjoying these incredible benefits.

No tariff plan comes close to mtn beta talk when it comes to getting greater value for your recharges. You’re wasting money if you’re the sort who is continually making calls and isn’t on mtn beta talk.

With mtn beta talk, you may enjoy a 250 percent airtime bonus on every recharge (from N1 and up), special data bundles for as little as N50 and N200, a free 10MB monthly data bonus on your first recharge of the month, and many other incredible deals.

To all local networks, the MTN beta talk call rate is 42k/sec; your calls are initially billed from your mtn beta talk airtime bonus until it is empty, then to the main balance. People who subscribe to the mtn beta talk tariff plan, on the other hand, seldom run out of airtime bonuses because they are always topped up with extra airtime bonuses whenever they recharge.

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How to migrate to mtn beta talk with code

To switch to the mtn beta talk pricing plan, dial *123# and Press Ok after selecting 2 – Tariff Plan Migration – 1 (Betatalk). You can also upgrade to the mtn beta talk tariff plan by text messaging BT to 131.

You’ll immediately receive a message welcome you to the mtn beta talk tariff plan after you’ve successfully migrated, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the fantastic benefits that come with it.

If you haven’t migrated to another tariff plan in the recent 30 days, you can migrate to mtn beta talk for free; however, if it hasn’t been that long since you last migrated, migrating to mtn beta talk or any other tariff plan will cost you roughly 100 naira.

On MTN Beta Talk, how can I check my airtime, bonus, or data balance?

On MTN Beta Talk plan, dial *556# to check your airtime balance, *559*43# to check your call bonus, and *131*4# to check your data balance, or send 2 to 131 through text message.

The airtime or call bonus you get on every mtn beta talk recharge is valid for 7 days, which means that if you don’t use it up within 7 days of receiving it, it will expire. However, if you recharge your mtn line during the next 7 days, you will receive another airtime bonus and the validity duration of the previous bonus will be extended.


That’s all there is to know about the code to migrate to mtn beta talk. We highly recommend this tariff plan to anyone who makes many phone calls; at the absolute least, the 250 percent airtime bonus you receive on each recharge will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Please keep in mind that if you switch from mtn beta talk to another mtn tariff plan, all of your unused bonuses will be lost. That means you won’t be switching to the new tariff plan with them.

It’s also worth noting that you can’t move your mtn beta talk airtime bonus to another mtn line; you can only transfer main airtime.

The free 10MB you get every month on the mtn beta talk tariff plan comes from your first monthly recharge or the first call you make from your main balance. This does not apply to airtime transferred from other lines to your line.

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