Canadian Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today

Canadian Dollar To Naira: This page contains information on the official CBN exchange rate, the black market rate of the Canadian Dollar to the Naira, and the Canadian Dollar to Naira exchange rate in 2022–2023.

The Canadian Dollar to Naira exchange rate is not constant, as you are fully aware. Because of the Nigerian economy, the exchange rate between the two currencies is always changing.

As time goes on, this page will change due to changes in the black market or commercial banks’ exchange rates for the Canadian Dollar and the Naira. In that case, whenever there is a sudden change in the exchange rate of Canadian Dollars to Nigerian Naira, this page is routinely updated right away.

How Much Is 1 Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market

On [date-today], The current price of Canadian Dollar to Nigeria naira in the black market today is ₦474.

Today [date-today], in Lagos, Nigeria, the Aboki fx (parallel market), sometimes known as the black market, started at N474.00 per C$1 after closing the previous day at N475.00 per C$1.

Please take note that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does not acknowledge the parallel market, often known as the black market, even if the Canadian dollar to the naira opened at #474 to C$1 today.

The I&E window is the the only known exchange, according to the Central Bank of Nigeria, which has advised anyone in need of money to contact their bank.

To continue, below is today’s CAD to Naira conversion rate. View CBN and black market Canadian Dollar to Naira conversion rates. Convert CAD to Naira at this rate, or use the most recent black market or parallel market rates to convert CAD to Naira.

Are you aware that many Nigerians prefer to exchange their foreign money, particularly Canadian dollars to naira, on the black market since the exchange rates are significantly superior than those offered by commercial banks?

Are you familiar with the Aboki FX Canadian Dollar to Naira exchange rate? Their exchange rate is also listed here, allowing you to readily compare each exchange rate for the currency you wish to swap on the parallel market. If you intend to use black market exchange rates from Canadian Dollar to Naira today, Aboki fx is highly recommended.

What is the current black market exchange rate of Canadian Dollar to Naira? You may have be aware that the black market dollar exchange rate differs drastically from the rate displayed on the Central Bank of Nigeria’s website.

The prices shown below are the current CAD/Naira exchange rates. As stated in the outset of this article, we always update the most recent prices every day to keep you informed. The current Canadian dollar exchange rate is used to calculate the dollar-to-naira exchange rate. The percentage fluctuates depending on the bank and the illicit market.

Canadian Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today

Buying Rate: 1 CAD = ₦474.

Selling Rate: 1 CAD = ₦480.

If you are selling Canadian Dollar today at the black market exchange rate today in Nigeria you will get N474 per Canadian dollar, whilst if you are buying Canadian Dollar with naira be ready to pay 480 per CAD.

What is the official CBN Canadian dollar to Naira today

The central bank approved exchange rate for Canadian Dollar to Naira is ₦[convert number=1 from=”cad” to=”ngn”]

Now since you understand the black market rate for Canadian Dollar to Naira today. As previously stated black market pricing are always different from CBN rates. The Nigerian naira is presently trading at ₦[convert number=1 from=”cad” to=”ngn”] per Canadian dollar. The exchange rate of the Canadian dollar to the Nigerian naira has had an impact on the Nigerian economy. How much is a Canadian Dollar worth in Nigeria today?

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Inflation is more likely when the Nigerian naira declines. And this will have an impact on the economy. As a result, it will effect the entire Nigerian population.

If you want to buy something from a foreign website, you must use your mastercard or visa card. The transaction will be conducted using the official Canadian Dollar to Naira exchange rate. This means that the Black Market exchange rate applies only to physical transactions and not to online transactions.

The black market, also known as the Aboki market value for the Canadian dollar, is typically higher than the bank exchange rate, which is usually regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The CBN exchange rate is the rate at which you can buy or sell dollars as quoted on the naira portal. how much is a Canadian Dollar in Nigerian Naira

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