AIRTEL Night Plan Code: Get 500MB for N50, 100 for 1GB

AIRTEL Night Plan Code

Is it possible that you have an Airtel SIM, that you wish to stay up for night browsing, and that you’ve come to this page to receive the code for the night plan? You’ve arrived to the correct location.

In Nigeria, no matter how much data you have, you will always preserve it for the next day, especially if you are on the internet till the wee hours of the morning. You’ll simply sign up for a night membership and use it until the sun comes up, after which you’ll switch back to your regular plan.

When airtel chose to assault us with a whopping unlimited hourly night plan of N100 for an hour and N200 for two hours, you wouldn’t blame me.

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This plan was eventually replaced with 1.5GB for N200 and 500MB for N25, and you wouldn’t blame me for that either.

With all of the enticing airtel night plans available, it’s hard to blame a young kid for foregoing his sleep in order to take use of this seemingly limitless resource. Despite the fact that these Airtel night browsing plans have been discontinued and replaced with new ones, the code remains the exact same.

This airtel night plan may be used to download and stream all of your favorite songs, HD films, and games, as well as surf and talk on your social media and the internet, according to the provider. Simply ensure that you have access to light during the night and that you are awake.

If you don’t trust your sleep, you should set a really loud alarm that would wake you up at midnight to prevent stories that are too close to home.

Cheat For Airtel night Plan code

Airtel night browsing is not a cheat, just like mtn, glo, and 9mobile night browsing, this airtel night browsing plan was formally introduced by the airtel network itself and therefore cannot be considered a cheat. All you need to do is be on airtel SmartTRYBE, dial a short ussd code, and of course have your airtel airtime, and you’re good to go.

Prior to this, we had fantastic night plan packages from Airtel, which they have all since withdrawn for reasons that are only known to them.

However, we can still obtain 250MB for just N25 during the midnight hours; this is the only offer available for the time being as of the time of publishing this post, and we expect to see more in the future. (I’ll keep you informed as events unfold.)

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So, here is the airtel night browsing for 25 naira offer, as well as the code and instructions on how to activate it.

Code To subscribe For Airtel 25 naira night plan

This is an airtel trybe night plan, which means that you must be subscribed to the SmartTRYBE plan in order to take advantage of this airtel night browsing feature. Note that you must have at least N25 in your main account balance, not your bonus account, before you can use this code.

It is necessary to subscribe to airtel SmartTRYBE first before proceeding. Please see the instructions below for how to subscribe to airtel SmartTRYBE and the night browsing code.


*312# is the access code for Airtel’s night browsing plan. You will also be able to subscribe to the airtel SmartTRYBE plan if you have this code. The following options will be available to you when you dial this Airtel night browsing code: ;

1. Migrate your business.
2. N500 for 1 GB of data
3. Night Browsing (N25 for a 250MB allowance). Valid from 12am till 5am)

If you are not already a customer of airtel SmartTRYBE, you must migrate to it using the first option available. You can then redial the ussd code (*312#) and proceed to option 3, where you can subscribe to your Airtel night browsing service using the same code you used when migrating.

Please keep in mind that this night subscription plan is only available from 12am midnight to 5am, and that the data expires at 5am regardless of whether you have finished using it or not.

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Code To Subscribe For Airtel N500 of 1GB Night Plans

Remember that you must be on airtel SmartTRYBE to take advantage of this plan, as you can see above. Option 2 is N500 for 1GB, and while it is not a night subscription plan, it can be used during midnight hours. It is a 7-day plan that gives you a whopping 1GB of data for use both day and night. It can be renewed after you have used it up or after it has expired.


Airtel night browsing is also beneficial for those who cannot afford regular data plans. Even if you have a regular data plan, you can use this plan to save your regular data if you are browsing until the wee hours of the morning.

I hope I was able to provide you with an answer to your question about Airtel Night Subscription?

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