How to Add Airtel Family and Friends (Faf Code) 2022

Airtel Family And friends code

It’s simple to add contacts on the Airtel Nigeria network by using the USSD code. A number on your Airtel family and friends list can be deleted/removed and a new one added (replaced).

When it comes to that, you’ve come to the proper place. In addition, you’ll learn how to access your Airtel contacts list by reading this post.

Every now and then, there are those unique people to whom we reach out on a daily basis. It could be our parents, siblings, or spouse, or even a special gist partner. Most of the time, the high expense of airtime associated with maintaining these specialized connections on a daily basis discourages us.

Have you ever puzzled how you may call so many special individuals on the Airtel line for so little? This post will teach you how to save money when using the Airtel network to call loved ones.

About The Airtel Family and Friends Package

Airtel’s Family and Friends plan is a prepaid service that is accessible to Airtel customers. On the Airtel network, it allows customers to phone four (4) special people for less money.

During peak hours, the Airtel Family and Friends plan allows you to call four (4) Airtel numbers for as little as 25 kobo per second (15 per minute) (6 a.m. to 10 p.m.). During off-peak hours, however, it costs 21 kobo per second (12.66 per minute) (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.).

These four unique individuals must also be Airtel customers. Airtel Family and Friends is only available to prepaid Airtel Smart Connect Plan customers.

The good news is that every newly purchased Airtel SIM card comes with the Airtel Smart Connect Plan as the default plan. Customers receive an 800% bonus on any recharge made on the line.

Unfortunately, there is no way to re-enroll in that plan once you’ve opted out. This means that after you’ve switched to a different tariff plan than the default Airtel Smart Connect plan, you won’t be able to go back. As a result, you will no longer be able to use the Airtel Family and Friends package.

Code to Add Family and Friends on Airtel Sim

Simply dial the following USSD code to add your particular 4 Airtel numbers to the Family and Friends list

*311*2*Airtel Number# is the USSD code.

For the first four numbers registered with Airtel, adding a number to relatives and friends is free. In the future, you can remove or add numbers to the Family and Friends list.

You might want to change any of these numbers for any reason. You’d remove the one you wish to get rid of and register the new one. This will take the place of the one you removed.

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How to Delete / remove a Number on your Airtel Family and Friends

Simply dial *311*3*Airtel number you wish to remove# to delete or remove any number from your Family and Friends list.

As an example, It’s also free to remove any number from the Family and Friend list by dialing *311*3*08023354489#.

Aside from the first four Airtel numbers registered on Family and Friends, you would have to spend $20 to register every new Airtel number.

How To Check My Family and Friends List on Airtel Line

To know your Family and Friends list, kindly dial *311*4#.


If you don’t want to subscribe to the Airtel Smart Connect Plan, you can choose for the Airtel One package, which allows you to call just two special people for a lower price (this can be discussed later in another article).

If you’re an Airtel customer, the Airtel Family and Friends package allows you to call your loved ones for less money!!!

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