Airtel Double Data Code (2022 Offer)

Airtel Double Data Code

Have you heard about the Airtel double data offer? Well, since you’re here, I’ll give you the code to take advantage of it, so stay tuned.

Airtel is one of Nigeria’s top telecommunications companies. They’ve been dishing out hot and scorching data bargains to their members for years.

Starting with the airtel N200 for 1GB and now the airtel double data code, you may agree with me that airtel truly cares about its members.

Imagine getting twice as much data on every subscription you make. Given how important data is, double data for the same price is one of the best deals I’ve seen from Airtel.

This deal is valid on both existing and new Airtel SIM cards. You don’t need to buy a new airtel sim to try this offer; in fact, I’ve been enjoying this airtel double data offer with my old airtel sim. If the code doesn’t work on your old sim, you can go ahead and buy a new one.

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How To Get Airtel double data bonus

This airtel double data allows you to use twice as much data as you normally would. This translates to 3GB of data for N1000 instead of the typical 1.5GB, implying that you will receive an additional 1.5GB after you subscribe to this plan.

You may also acquire a whopping 7GB of data for only N2000, or 1.5GB for only N500, and so on.

You can get all of these and more on Airtel for up to 6 months!

What could be better than this, tell me? Airtel really knows how to please its clients. Let’s have a look at how you can take advantage of this deal.

Check eligible status for airtel double data code

Although some believe that receiving this specific message from Airtel, which reads “GET DOUBLE YOUR DATA when you activate N1,000 bundle bla bla bla,” automatically qualifies you for the promotion, there is no way to know for sure.

This is not always the case, since you may receive such a notice and still not be eligible for the double data incentive.

While others claim that buying a new Airtel sim immediately qualifies you for the deal, I believe this to be incorrect as well, as my new Airtel sim does not qualify for the double data offer whenever I subscribe.

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Please keep in mind that what I’ve just said are simply my personal views and experiences; just because those approaches didn’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you.

If the method I’m about to tell you doesn’t work, you can either wait for an airtel “GET DOUBLE DATA MESSAGE” or buy a new airtel sim and try again.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the airtel double data code, so you may take advantage of this deal.

Code To Activate the Airtel Double Data code

Send the text message GET to 141 to take advantage of Airtel’s double data offer. Go to message>create message>type GET>send to 141 in that order. After you send the message, you’ll get another one right away that states

“Dear Customer, your smartphone deal will be activated in a matter of minutes. When the deal is enabled, you will receive a confirmation SMS. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST AGAIN.”

After a few moments, you’ll see another notification that looks like


“Congratulations! You can now take advantage of a 100% data bonus at any time, every day bla bla bla…

Once you receive that notice, you will be eligible for double data when you subscribe to any plan between N500 and N4000.

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However, if you are not eligible for this deal, you will receive a notification stating as such.

“Dear client, This offer is no longer available to you. To purchase a data bundle, dial *141#. Thank you very much.

If it doesn’t work, try again with a new Airtel sim or keep trying with your current line, as I already stated.


Has Airtel double data stopped working?

NO. The Airtel double is still working; simply text GET to 141 to activate it. You can take advantage of the airtel double data offer if you receive a celebratory message.


Nothing could be more exciting than receiving twice the amount of data you paid for, so start now to receive your double data from airtel. – If you found this post to be useful, please pass it along to your friends by clicking on the share buttons at the bottom of this post.

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