5000 Dollars To Naira Today | $5000 Usd In Black Market

5000 Dollars To Naira
5000 Dollars To Naira

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Ever wondered how much 5000 dollars to naira could be in the black market today [date-today], well worry no more as this article will be enlightening you on the current Aboki fx rate for 5000 Usd to ngn.

We’ll be sharing with you both the CBN official rate and the Aboki rate in the black market.

It’s a must to note that the CBN didn’t approve the black market rate and have advice anyone that wanted to buy or sell to contact their banks before they carry out any transactions.

5000 dollars to naira CBN Exchange Rate Today

The dollar price keeps increasing by the day and there are no fixed rate for the black market, however the central bank of Nigeria official rate is 2,298,500 as of [date-today].

How much is 5000 Dollars to naira Black Market Rate today

Buying Rate: N3865000

Selling Rate: N387500

To further break it down, if you wanted to sell 5000 dollars at the current Black market rate you will be paying ₦3,865,000 whilst if you want to buy $5000 for Naira in black market it will be changed for ₦3,875,000.

Remember that the Naira-to-dollar exchange rate fluctuates because the national economy is not static. You could bookmark this website and return to it from time to time. Before making any online purchases, check the USD/Naira exchange rate.

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