2000 dollars To naira Today | $2000 USD in Naira Black Market

2000 dollars To naira
2000 dollars To naira

2000 dollars To naira: How much do you think 200 Dollars To Naira is worth in the current Black market exchange rate today [date-today], you wouldn’t know right.

This article is made solely to let you know about the USD vs NGN exchange rate for 200 Dollars To Naira in both the CBN official rate and Aboki (Black Market) rate.

Please note that the CBN exchange rate for 2000 USD is differs from the Black market rate which is why many people often opt for the Aboki rate, however the central bank of Nigeria has call on people to stop using the black market rate and sticks with the official rate.

As of today, [date-today] The current CBN exchange rate for 2000 dollar to Naira is N919,400.

In recent decades, the naira has lost value relative to the dollar and other major currencies. The value of one US dollar compared to one Nigerian naira changes all the time.

Despite the ups and downs of the market, the value of the Nigerian naira against the dollar as of right now is quite low. There has been a declining pattern in the rate for several weeks.

If I wanted to convert $2,000 to Nigerian naira, how much would I get at the aboki fx or the black market (parallel market)? Discover below the actual black market conversion rate for $2,000 USD to Naira.

How much is 2000 dollars to naira in Black Market Rate 2023

As at today the current Black market price for $2000 is approximately ₦1,550,000

Buying Rate: N1,546,000

Selling Rate: ₦1,550,000

Unlike the Central Bank of Nigeria and other commercial institutions in Nigeria, the black market exchange rate for 2,000 U.S. dollars to naira as of today is different.

On the official website of the Central Bank of Nigeria (www.cbn.gov.ng), you can buy or sell dollars for naira at the CBN exchange rate, but on websites like abokifx.com, you’ll find a rate that’s higher or lower than the CBN rate.

It is common knowledge that the black market exchange rate for dollars is consistently lower than the rate offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). That’s why a lot of people (including students, businesses, and forex investors) choose to use the unofficial, black market exchange rate.

The above conversion rates show the current exchange rates for 2,000 USD to NGN on several exchange markets as well as the Central Bank of Nigeria’s official rate as of today, [date-today].

The value of the naira changes every day relative to other currencies, as was mentioned above. Therefore, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back frequently to see the latest exchange rate for US dollars to Nigerian naira. As an added precaution, you should always double-check the current conversion rate before making an international purchase online.

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