200 Dollars To Naira Today Black Market Rate | $200 USD in Naira

You might be wondering how much is 200 dollars to naira currently at the black market exchange rate and CBN approved rate today [date-today].

Well look no further as we will be giving you the recent and accurate information about the Black market exchange rate of 200 USD to NGN at the current Aboki fx rate.

Please note that the Central Bank of Nigeria is against the black market (parallel market) and has urges anybody that wanted to buy or sell dollar to consult with their various banks before doing so.

As at [date-today] the current CBN exchange rate for $200 is [convert number=200 from=”usd” to=”ngn”].

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How much is 200 dollars to naira in Black market exchange rate

How much is two hundred dollars worth in naira on the black market right now? As at now, the rate of 200 dollars to naira in the parallel market is 155,000 naira. The current rate of 200 USD to NGN on the black market is displayed in the following table.

Buying Rate: 154600

Selling rate: 155000

In addition, if you are buying 200 dollars from the black market (Aboki) you will be paying ₦155,000, meanwhile if you wanted to sell $200 to the black market rate you will be paid ₦154,000.

Black market rates for exchanging 200 U.S. dollars into Nigerian naira as of today vary from those offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria and other commercial institutions in the nation.

To compare the CBN exchange rate with the parallel market or black market exchange rate, consider the following: the CBN exchange rate is the rate at which one can purchase or sell dollars for naira on the official website of the Central Bank of Nigeria (www.cbn.gov.ng).

Black market dollar prices consistently exceed the official Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) dollar exchange rate. This is why a sizable number of people (including academics, corporations, and FX traders) choose to use unofficial exchange rates.

The aforementioned amounts reflect the black market (parallel market), FX market, and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rates for exchanging 200 USD into NGN today, 2022.

As was previously said, the value of the naira changes every day when compared to other currencies. Therefore, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back frequently to see the latest exchange rate for US dollars to Nigerian naira. Make sure you know the current currency rate before making any kind of online purchase.

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