20 Dollar To Naira Black Market Today | Convert $20 USD Dollars Aboki

20 dollar to Naira
20 dollar to Naira

20 dollar to Naira: How much do you think 20 Dollars is worth in the black market today? You probably wanted to know the current price of 20 USD to NGN which is why you are here.

If that is right, this article provide information about everything you need to know about the USD vs NGN exchange rate and the current exchange price of $20 via the official CBN rate, Black Market or Aboki FX.

Knowing the exchange rate between the dollar and the naira is crucial, particularly when it comes to the black market and the Aboki fx dollar to naira rate.

It is wise to be aware of the current exchange rate if you engage in online forex trading or are planning to conduct some online transactions.

How much is $20 in Nigeria today? The Aboki FX rate and the genuine mid-market exchange rate are shown below. We contrast the bank rate for the US dollar and the Nigerian naira with the parallel market/black market rate.

The official Central Bank of Nigeria rate for 20 dollar is 9,194

How much is 20 dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today 2022

Buy: N773

Sell: N775

In the black market rate today, if you wanted to sell 20 dollars you will be selling at the rate of NGN15500.

or if you are buying 20 dollars from Aboki in the black market today [date-today] they will be giving you N15460.

Please be aware that the Central Bank of Nigeria does not acknowledge the black market (parallel market) and urges anyone interested in conducting online transactions in currency or other services to get in touch with their respective banks before doing so.

The rates shown above represent the current parallel market, FX market, and CBN exchange rates for 20 USD to NGN as of 2022.

As previously mentioned, the value of the naira in relation to other currencies changes every day. Therefore, we suggest you to keep checking this page frequently in order to be informed about the most recent exchange rate between the US dollar and the Nigerian naira. Additionally, be sure to verify the exchange rate before making any online purchases.

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