10000 Dollars To Naira Today | $10000 USD In Naira Black Market

Are you looking to change or convert 10000 dollars to naira in the black market, CBN or Aboki fx rate, you have come to the right place as we will be giving you the exact current value of the naira against dollar.

The exchange rate between US dollar and Nigerian currency is important to take into account, particularly when it comes to the black market and the Aboki fx dollar to naira rate.

How much is 10,000 dollars in naira

If you are interested in online forex trading or are ready to do some online transactions, you should be aware of the current exchange rate. What is the current value of $10,000 in Nigeria?

The genuine mid-market exchange rate and the Aboki FX rate are shown below. We contrast the US Dollar and Naira bank rates with the black market/parallel market rates.

When compared to other major currencies such as the US dollar, the Nigerian naira has declined during the past decades. The exchange rate between the Nigerian naira and the US dollar was continually fluctuating.

When looking at today’s currency rates, the Nigerian naira remains relatively low as the market ebbs and flows. Over the last two weeks, the rate has been going lower.

So, what is the black market (parallel market) and aboki fx exchange rate for $10,000 in Nigerian naira? The black market exchange rate for $10,000 US dollars to naira is shown below.

How much is 10000 dollars to naira Black Market Rate Today

How much is 10000 dollars worth in the black market? As of today, [date-today] The 10,000 dollars in naira is worth ₦7,600,000.

Buying Rate: ₦7,600,000

Selling Rate: ₦7,650,000

If you are selling 10000 USD at the current Black market exchange rate today you will be paid N7,600,000 whilst if you wanted to buy $10,000 dollars at the black market rate be ready to pay N7,600,000.

Please understand that the Central Bank of Nigeria does not acknowledge the black market (parallel market) and urges anyone interested in conducting online transactions in currency or other services to get in touch with their respective banks before doing so.

10 dollars to naira CBN exchange rate Today

As at today, The official central Bank of Nigeria exchange rate for 10000 USD to naira is ₦[convert number=10000 from=”usd” to=”ngn”].

[currency_bcc type=”auto” w=”0″ h=”0″ c=”3ec144″ fc=”FFFFFF” a=”10000″ f=”USD” t=”NGN” g=”on” sh=”on” b=”on” fl=”on” p=”c” cs=”” s=”left” mf=”1″ df=”2″ d=”1″ su=”on” lang=”en-US”]

As of right now, the black market rate of 10,000 dollars to naira is different from the rate offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria and other commercial institutions in the nation.

On the Central Bank of Nigeria’s official website, www.cbn.gov.ng, you can buy or sell dollars for naira at the CBN exchange rate, although you can do the same on well-known websites like abokifx.com at the parallel market or black market exchange rate.

The exchange rate for dollars offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is always less favorable than the rate offered on the black market. For this reason, a lot of firms, investors, and students choose to use the black market exchange rate.

The above exchange rate represents the current black market (parallel market), FX market, and CBN rates for 10,000 USD to NGN as of 2022.

As previously mentioned, the value of the naira in relation to other currencies changes every day. Therefore, we suggest you to keep checking this page frequently in order to be informed about the most recent exchange rate between the US dollar and the Nigerian naira. Additionally, be sure to verify the exchange rate before making any online purchases.

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