10 Dollars To Naira Today | Convert $10 USD Black Market

I’ll show you how much 10 USD is worth in Naira today in this article. How much is 10 dollars worth in naira according to the black market, commercial banks, and Abokifx conversion rates! Consequently, bear with me as I reveal this to you.

Without too much talk, So how much is $10 in black market Naira on [date-today]?

How much is 10 dollars to naira Black Market Rate Today

The dollar price against naira has not been stable especially in the black market exchange rate which make it more important to seek the current rate of USD vs NGN before carrying out any transactions.

To begin, I should point out that the exchange rate between US dollars and Naira is not constant! It is constantly evolving! It is proportional to each country’s economic level!

As of today, [date-today] ten dollars is worth N7,730 in the black market!

Buying Rate: ₦7,730

Selling Rate: ₦7,770

Nigeria’s economic crisis has significantly reduced the value of the Naira. This merely demonstrates the black market exchange rate of $1 to N773!

If you want to buy 10 US dollars in the black market you will have to pay N7770, and if you are selling $10 USD you will be paid N7730.

NB: The CBN, Central Bank of Nigeria, in no way recommend the black market Therefore, do this at your own risk.

10 Dollars To Naira CBN Exchange Rate Today

The official exchange rate approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria for 10 dollars to naira is currently at ₦[convert number=10 from=”usd” to=”ngn”]

[currency_bcc type=”auto” w=”0″ h=”0″ c=”3ec144″ fc=”FFFFFF” a=”10″ f=”USD” t=”NGN” g=”on” sh=”on” b=”on” fl=”on” p=”c” cs=”” s=”left” mf=”1″ df=”2″ d=”1″ su=”on” lang=”en-US”]

Most commercial banks use this CBN rate, but not all do.

The Central Bank of Nigeria buys and sells dollars at the CBN exchange rate. The black market and Aboki fx rates are not the same as the CBN rate! Most persons who deal with Naira prefer the black market rate since it is consistently better value than the CBN rate.

Keep in mind that the Naira to dollar exchange rate is ever-changing because the national economy is not in decline.

You could however bookmark this page and return time to time in other to Check the latest 10 USD/Naira conversion rate before conducting any fx transactions.

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