1 Million Dollars To Naira Black Market Rate | $1 Million Dollars

How much is 1 million dollars to naira? One million dollars is a huge amount of money and anybody who has that literally is rich and assuming one is from Nigeria with 1 million dollars the person is super rich.

Let’s dive right into it, on this article you’ll be learning how much a million dollars is currently worth at both the CBN exchange rate and the Aboki fx / Black market rate currently.

How much is 1 million dollars to naira Black Market Rate

As of today, [date-today], The black market rate for 1 million dollars in naira is N738,000,000.

Buying Rate: N735,000,000

Selling Rate: N738,000,000

To cut the long story short, if you are exchanging 1 million dollars to naira at the black market rate today you’ll be paid N735,000,000 while if you want to buy 1 million dollars with naira be prepared to pay N738,000,000.

Convert 1 million dollars in naira CBN exchange rate today

On [date-today] the official central bank exchange rate for one million dollars to naira is currently pegged at N[convert number=1000000 from=”usd” to=”ngn”].

[currency_bcc type=”auto” w=”0″ h=”0″ c=”3ec144″ fc=”FFFFFF” a=”1000000″ f=”USD” t=”NGN” g=”on” sh=”on” b=”on” fl=”on” p=”c” cs=”” s=”left” mf=”1″ df=”2″ d=”1″ su=”on” lang=”en-US”]

It’s important to note that the Central Bank of Nigeria does not recognize the black market rate and has advice its citizens to stick with the official CBN rate.

In conclusion, by now you should have known the current exchange rate for 1 million dollars to naira in both black market and the CBN official exchange rate.

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